BJP Launches Raksha App for Android: Aims to Ensure Women's Safety

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The upcoming elections might be closer than we think with the whole country waiting to see if a new government will be formed or not, but that hasn't stopped opposition party BJP from making sure that women stay protected by starting its own safety app - dubbed Raksha.

Depending on political perspectives, some may tag the new app as a new way to attract more and more women voters for the party before the elections, but the app has indeed arrived at times when the country is in the limelight with the rape count in the country reaching an all time high.

BJP Launches Raksha App for Android: Aims to Ensure Women's Safety

With the new safety app now in place, the political party is making sure that women's dignity is safeguarded and has come up with the idea with the party wishing to use everyday technology for the security of the ladies.

"India is going through an atmosphere of insecurity from borders to streets. To secure the streets for our daughters, sisters, mothers, friends and all women who are out there working, in schools, colleges, bus-stands, shops, mall, trains and so on," the official description for the app states.

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Meenakshi Lekhi, BJP spokesperson, has also conceptualized this application where everyday technology can be used to enhance the safety and security of women. Also, the Raksha app has been designed in such a way that it can reveal the person's location via a map to the selected contacts.

All that's needed here is a press of a button to notify people about the person's exact position. Moreover, the girl can even ask her friends or family members for their location using the utility.

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Similar to other apps in the same category, this one also comes with an SOS button which when pressed, sends out a buzz to the phones of the near and dear ones. The spokesperson has also assured women as well as their loved ones to not worry about their safety as long as the application is present in their phones.

The Raksha application is currently available for all Android devices via Google Play.

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