BlackBerry PlayBook 2 accepts Android apps

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BlackBerry PlayBook 2 accepts Android apps

Now BlackBerry users can access both Android as well as BlackBerry apps. RIM has sent a news to all the developers that they need to submit their apps on or before Monday in order to make them available in the PlayBook 2.0.

The PlayBook's operating system will be updated and get the version 2.0 within the next month after which the users can run Android apps in it thereby expanding the apps available on the BlackBerry platform.

Those Android apps that will work well on the PlayBook operating system's upgraded version can also run on the BlackBerry platform that will be launched this year.

If this happens, the users can access both BlackBerry as well as Android apps right from their BlackBerry device. This will surely generate a huge interest from the consumers soon as the update is released next month.

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