BlackBerry World Music Store Allows Live Music and Videos In India

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We are just hours away from from the launch of BlackBerry 10 in India and the Canadian based company is not holding back anything. They have already made their music store, live for the country. The store will give BlackBerry users access to buy legal music.

BlackBerry World Music Store Allows Live Music and Videos In India

 The store apparently has a very limited number of tracks on offer, with hardly any local content available at the moment. Perhaps the catalogue will be updated after the official launch that is going to happen today. The store is apparently much pricier compared to Apple's iTunes.

Bgr has come up with comparisons between the price tags of a few sound-tracks. The Adele's 21 which is available on iTunes at Rs. 120, is priced at Rs. 250 on the BlackBerry. The individual tracks from the album are priced at Rs 15 on iTunes and Rs 30 on BlackBerry. Also, the tracks apparently can only be opened on BlackBerry 10 based smartphones. Moreover, the tracks can be downloaded on a maximum of five BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Only.

It is too early to judge the store, as it may not be up to it's full potential, yet. Perhaps,  after the launch event, which is to be held today, there will be more developments.

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