Blippar Announces Google Glass App: Makes Objects Interactive in Real Time

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This year's recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) event may have introduced us to a host of new smartphones and devices that will be available for retail in the coming months, but the event was about more than that with a number of other related apps and products revealed.

And among all those announced products, Blippar's new Google Glass app is one which actually stands out from the rest. Taking the center-stage at this year's MWC, Blippar, a visual discovery and augmented reality company, has shown off an app which has the Google Glass delivering real-time object recognition augmented reality (AR).

Blippar Announces Google Glass App: Makes Objects Interactive

Company CEO Ambarish Mitra recently showed off the app the company calls the "world's first working image recognition technology for Google Glass." Its aim is to make objects more life like and is originally meant for advertisements.

"Glass today can be likened to what mobile phones were in early nineties. We at Blippar anticipate that if Glass reaches a couple million users in its first year of launch, it will be a good business opportunity for us to develop in the space. We are investing in the potential of Glass," Mr. Mitra stated during his presentation at the event.

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Blippar is basically a cloud-based image recognition service and looks to make augmented reality as real as possible, rather than keeping it in a state of gimmick or unreal. Mitra, during his presentation, showed off as many as three different ways by which the new app, dubbed Blippar Glass, manages to do so

A magazine ad that also brought a video, an explosion of paint put up digitally on a person's face, and a 3D dinosaur coming to life out of a Natural History Museum flier.

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As of now, the company is yet to reveal as to when the Blippar app will be available for Google Glass.

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