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An iPad app with details on Albert Einstein’s brain! It is not the story of a fiction Hollywood film, but a reality. This innovative iPad app is now available fordownload. The app can be downloaded from App Store for $9.99 (approximately Rs 600). 

The recently launched app consists of multiple pictures of Einstein’s brain. The app is especially designed for scientists and research students. Reports suggest that almost 350 picture slides of slices of Einstein’s brain were provided for scanning and digitization purposes to a Chicago based medical museum following the death of Einstein on 1955. 

The new iPad app will allow scientists to study the eccentric brain of Einstein in depth. Albert Einstein won Nobel Prize for his contributions and services to theoretical physics in 1921. The app is designed in such a way so as to give users a feel of observing the brain slices through a microscope. 

Soon after Einstein’s death, a pathologist named Thomas Harvey who did the autopsy removed the brain of the scientist so as to help future scientists to discover the secret behind the success of Einstein’s geniuses. 

Doctor Philip Epstein, a Chicago based neuroscientist and consultant for museum was of the opinion that the newly launched application will open the gateway for researchers for an in-depth study of Einstein’s brain where neurons are connected more densely than a normal human being. 

Report suggest that it might be however difficult for app users to figure out the precise brain region from the slides since modern imaging technology was not introduced the time when the images were captured. The slides have been organized in to general brain regions.

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