Cartoon Network Working on New App With 15-Second Shows, Says Reports

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This one will attract all the kids, if not much so the parents. According to reports, popular kids animation channel Cartoon Network is planning to take advantage of the smartphone evolution with a new app that will deliver entertainment in short bursts.

As reports state, the company will release Cartoon Network Anything, an app with 15-second videos, games, and other tiny bits and parts of entertainment. Apparently, the free app won't be linked to any cable service provider, as revealed by Cartoon Network Digital's vice president Chris Waldron.

Cartoon Network Working on New App With 15-Second Shows, Says Reports

Mr. Waldron also added that the company sees the new project as a proving ground for new content that could deserve a longer-form production in the near future.

The app, as reported by the New York Times, "will deliver constantly updating 15-second original content, and users will be able to swipe forward to find new pieces. Mr. Waldron said the content will be a mix of interactive and video content, games, and potentially even new animations or shorts."

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"You can 'like' the content as you watch, and Cartoon Network will be watching to see which are the most successful."

"An experiment like Cartoon Network Anywhere bridges the gap a bit by investing in new content made specifically for phones. If it's successful, it could carve a path for new media (and ad) models that take advantage of the unique properties of digital content: It can be whatever and wherever you want it to be," it adds.

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But this is not the first time that a mobile-based project has been proposed by the company. Back in late 2010, the company launched a mobile app to watch its programming for cable or satellite TV providers.

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