CES 2012: Boxee introduces Facebook app

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CES 2012: Boxee introduces Facebook app


Boxee has created its Facebook social Open Graph app which is an opt-in application. So if you are not interested to share what you are watching on TV with your friends, then you don’t have to with Boxee.

At the CES 2012, Boxe3e has introduced this Facebook app that combines the Live TV of the company to the Facebook Timeline. This app allows you to share what you are currently watching on the social network and also sort what is there by allowing you see what your friends are watching.

After you watch a particular video for more than two minutes, Boxee will post it through your Facebook account thinking that you have given the permission. It will appear first on Ticker and then on Timeline and then finally in News Feeds. If your friend clicks this link, they will be redirected to a landing page that has more information on the show like season info and episode.

All these features are opt-in only and so if you want others to know about what you are watching then only it will share. You can anytime edit the settings from the Application Settings Page in Facebook or remove certain activities directly from your Timeline through the Activity Log like in other social Open Graph apps.

The app helps Boxee to show what your friends are watching in the Live TV channel listings. Boxee was especially built to allow you to share and receive video recommendations to and from your friends. You will have unlimited videos to watch if you have a Boxee Box and Live TV. This app is a social step forward taken by the company.

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