Comparison of Siri and Evi

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Comparison of Siri and Evi


Now, the Android users can avail the voice recognition capabilities of Siri on their phones with the Meet Evi app that is available for both iPhone and Android. This app is absolutely free of cost for Android and when it comes to iPhones, users will have to pay $0.99 to download it.

Being available for such a low price, Evi cannot be on par with Siri. Both these apps have some major differences and Evi cannot schedule the meetings on calendar or allow you to dictate the text messages. But it is helpful to find information like local shops and restaurants.

The app is found to be reasonably slower than Siri as it takes considerable amount of time to respond to the questions. The app is still not synchronized with the others like calendar, clock and so on like the Siri but the company, True Knowledge might soon integrate it with the other functions in the operating system.

The voice of Evi sounds just like Siri but for some it might sound annoying. It thinks for quite a long time and at times after the query is asked it immediately says that it is not getting any response from the servers and then displays the answer. Though it is similar to Siri, the Apple's voice assistant is the leader and it is out of comparison for the time being.

For those who like to have Siri functionality at a cheaper price, the Evi is an alternative. Why waiting? Download this app and try its effectiveness and check it yourselves.

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