Dropbox offers automatic image uploading to Android

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Dropbox offers automatic image uploading to Android

Dropbox is a popular service provider of cloud storage and it offers the support to a variety of mobile and computer operating systems. It has now made an experimental build for the Android platform.

This service offers the users with the automatic upload feature from camera. This feature required some third party applications previously.

Leaving the new update aside, there are also some minor bugs that are removed in the upgrade. This app now has the automatic upload feature that is much anticipated.

With this, the Android users can now upload the videos and photos taken with the camera of their device to the Dropbox account for free of cost.

The application also integrates with the device in order to synchronize the photographs to the corresponding Dropbox account right on the first installation itself. Users can choose either Wi-Fi or 3G connection for the synchronization of photos and videos.

Though the application is updated, the new version is still not live on the Android Market. During tests, the application offers a storage space of about 5GB in slots of 500 MB to the users.

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