Facebook For Android Updated With New Photo Features

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Facebook is easily one of the hottest social networking services that are present out there, and now it seems like the company is working further to make the experience even better for the handheld app version of it.

According to reports, Facebook has released a brand new version of its Android app that offers numerous photo-centric features. The update has essentially brought over the ability to delete or edit albums, comment on photos, post photos in comments and untag from photos.

Facebook For Android Updated With New Photo Features

As reported, users will now be able to comment on any post with the option of adding an image as well to it. The update has also added a number of new options for uploading, organizing and sharing photos.

Now users can upload multiple images simultaneously, and while that may not sound as that big a deal, but with the new update in place now, it will be easy to creating a quick collection and categorization of photos.

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Prior to this, users could only create albums with the app. But now with the new update already here, users can edit and delete albums. As mentioned earlier, there is also an option now for users to untag themselves from certain photos that they don't want to be tagged in.

Apart from that, it will also become easy for group managers to use the new Facebook for Android app to pin and unpin photos in the group. "It seems like Facebook is also edging closer to a full rollout of the new flat UI - more and more users are reporting that it's available for them, though it's still not yet available for everyone," Android Police states.

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The updated Facebook app for Android is currently available via the Google Play store.

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