Facebook New Update Speeds up Your iPhone and iPad App

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Facebook New Update Speeds up Your iPhone and iPad App

Facebook has announced an updated version to its iOS app. The update supposedly enhances the Facebook experience for users of iPhone and iPad. With this update Facebook app’s response time is expected to double in iOS devices. The new version titled Facebook 5.0 will allow smooth scrolling through news feed and a more efficient loading and display of images.

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg, the face of Facebook announced the update on his Timeline saying, “We just released a new Facebook app for iPhone and iPad and it's a lot faster. Our team completely rewrote it from the ground up to focus on speed. It's a big step forward.”

Basically, notifications and news feeds will appear almost instantly with the update. Facebook has added that friends’ stories also appear more faster. A banner is included on the app to notify the user upon the arrival of new stories. Photo loading times has also improved marginally. Users will now be able to close the images with a single swipe.

The new update has been greeted with joy by iPhone and iPad users across the globe. Most of them have seen and confirmed improvements in performance of the app. Facebook has been previously criticized about its weakness in mobile platforms.

The update arrived as an answer to the skeptics who were doubtful about Facebook’s agenda with the mobile app. Facebook plans to attract more users via mobile devices through this update. This will certainly help them to leverage the benefits of mobile advertising platform.

Apart from the update for the iOS app, Facebook has also brought a minor update to its Android app also. As per the sources, this update will allow users to share photos and events faster and will allow them to add photos and emoticons to messages.

The updated Facebook app for iOS can be downloaded from here.

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