10 best Google Home commands for the Indian masses

The Google Assistant backed smart speakers can also control Netflix and Chromecast on the TV. The Google Home smart speakers are a direct competition to Amazon's Echo devices which comes with Alexa.

    Google has recently launched the much anticipated Google AI feature smart speaker in India. The smart speakers from the tech giant can be activated by using a voice commands 'Ok Google'. A user can ask 'n' number of questions and the AI is said to answer most of them correctly. A user can ask for weather reports, news updates, and details about a place, location, education and more.

    10 best Google Home commands for the Indian masses


    The Google Assistant backed smart speakers can also control Netflix and Chromecast on the TV. The Google Home smart speakers are a direct competition to Amazon's Echo devices which comes with Alexa Skillset. The Amazon Alexa have a certain set of interesting skill and certainly gives a hard time when it comes to skill set. Google also isn't far behind in this race and has introduced certain interesting skills for the Google Home. We have compiled a list of the Google Home Commands that are best for the Indian masses. Lets' quickly take a look at it.

    1. Get news form local news publishers

    This is a very helpful app for the users to stay updated with what is happening around them by delivering fresh news from a user's desired publisher. For ex- OK Google, get me news from Gizbot, and the app will show you the results.

    2. Get the latest Traffic Information;

    We all must have used the Google's loctation based service Maps and fairly have an Idea that how well the app works. Well, the Google Home is also not left behind, all you need to do is give the following voice command to get the traffic information and reach your destination.
    "Okay Google, How is the traffic around "
    "Okay Google, How long it will take me to reach "
    Interestingly Google also allows a user to set home and office location to make it easier for them to navigate.


    3. Play Indian music using Saavn, Wynk and more;

    A user can also play his/her favourite genre of music including the Indian songs by giving simple voice commands.
    "Okay Google, Play " or "Okay Google, Play on Gaana/Saavn/Wynk".

    4. Get Cricket Scores, Next Game Status, and Game Results.

    Google has not left the sports fans behind, All the sports enthusiasts can use their voice to give commands and get the Cricket scores, Next game status and more.
    For example
    "Okay Google, tell me about last game/upcoming game"
    "Okay Google, tell me about upcoming IPL games"


    5. Get recipes for Indian dishes

    Another interesting feature where a user can search for their favourite Indian dish. Google home can search the recipe for you when you are in a mood to cook something special for a dinner. For ex;
    "Okay Google, tell me the recipe for xyz dish"
    You can name the dish as desired and using this command you can cook a whole lot of Indian dishes.

    6. Find your Smartphone even when it is in Silent Mode.

    Many of us might have the tendency of losing our stuff including our smartphones sometimes and finding it could be a task. Well in case you lose your smartphone somewhere and can't seem to find it, you just need to give the following command;
    "Okay Google, ring my phone" And there you will have your smartphone ringing even if it is in silent mode. This indeed is a useful feature.


    7. Control your Smartlights

    Smartlights have started attracting the Indian base recently. Now Google has a solution for you, turn on your Smartlights using your voice commands. All you need is to say
    "Okay Google, switch off bedroom lights" or "Okay Google, switch on the bedroom lights, or "Okay Google, turn the desk light colour to red".

    8. Check the Flight status

    Google Home also allows a user to check his/her flight status. To do that, just give a voice command,
    "Okay Google, what is the status of flight number "
    For example, Okay Google, what is the status of flight number 5X 44Z.


    9. Find nearest Retail stores

    Using Google Home a user can also find the nearest retail store from their location;
    "Okay Google, where's the nearest general store?"
    And Google will find the nearest store from your location.

    10. Get to know some interesting facts about India;

    We all know how well diverse Indian culture is and Google also wants you to be aware of your nation's history and glory. For this all you need to do is give a voice command;
    "Okay Google, tell me something interesting about India" and it shows you the results.



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