10 Most Dangerous Apps On Google Play You Should Delete Right Now


Android users account for a major population in the Indian smartphone segment. This also means Google Play and its apps are immensely popular in the country. This opens the doorway for many hackers to send across malware and other dangerous items. We have listed the top 10 dangerous apps on your Android phone.


Malware apps

Malware apps are just one part of the big problem. Most of these dangerous apps on Google Play are also apps that steal money and data. The list of malicious apps includes a few with more than 5,000 downloads, a 4.5 rating, and more. It makes these apps easily believable but is just doorways for those with malicious intent to enter your Android phone.

Cool Caller Screen

Cool Caller Screen

The list of malicious apps includes the Cool Caller Screen app that's available on Google Play. It's an app that personalizes your preferences by presenting a caller screen on your Android phone. The app allows you to decorate your phone screen for calls and is also considered dangerous as it contains malware as well.

Document Manager

As the name suggests, Document Manager helps in organizing all your files and media. It's also a free office solution that comes with options for easy viewing of files in Word, PDF, Excel, Slide, and other formats. However, Document Manager is considered a malicious app and can be quite dangerous.

RGB Emoji Keyboard

RGB Emoji Keyboard

RGB Emoji keyboard is also an app that can steal your data and money. The RGB Emoji Keyboard app is currently removed from the Google Play Store. But do note there are plenty of similar apps readily available but could be equally dangerous.

Camera Translator Pro

Camera Translator Pro is another popular app that similarly accesses your camera to read foreign text. It will also convert the text to your preferred language. However, the Camera Translator Pro app is also on the malicious apps list. It's said to have accessed hundreds of millions of data and personal information.

Colorful Messenger

Colorful Messenger

If you like to have a colorful platform, something that's sparkly, you might have downloaded the Colorful Messenger app on your Android phone. But this is believed to be among the most dangerous apps on the Google Play Store. If you still have this app on your Android phone, it's best to delete it right away.

Fast PDF Scanner

Fast PDF Scanner, as the name suggests, is a popular app to scan physical documents. The app scans your documents and converts them to PDF files or the format of your choice. As convenient as it is, the Fast PDF Scanner has been ranked as a malicious app and is advised to delete right away.

Thug Photo Editor

Thug Photo Editor

Presently, the Thug Photo Editor app has been removed from Google Play. The app was found on the list of dangerous apps on Google Play. It's a photo editing app that allows users to make memes and other edits. However, the app was also stealing the money and data of users.

Smart Keyboard

There are plenty of keyboard apps on Google Play but not all are safe to use. One such dangerous app is Smart Keyboard, which has thousands of downloads. Smart Keyboard can be customized to make typing easy on your Android phone. However, it's a malicious app that can potentially steal your data and personal information.

4K Wallpapers

4K Wallpapers

We all like to personalize and customize our smartphones, and 4K Wallpapers are an easy way to do so. The 4K Wallpapers app is said to have accessed and stolen a lot of personal data from Android users. What's more, it could have also dropped malware that can further damage and hamper your smartphone.

Coin Track Loan

Coin Track Loan is an online loan app that allows users to easily get loans with a fixed rate of interest. However, the Coin Track Loan app was spotted stealing data, and money, and causing a lot of damage to users.

Most of these dangerous apps have now been removed from Google Play. However, if you still have one or more of these apps on your phone, it's best to delete them right away. Always looks for verified and certified apps on Google Play before downloading to stay safe.

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