Here are 10 things you never knew you could do with WhatsApp!

    WhatsApp has gone through many updates over the past year. And it gets difficult to keep track of every new additional feature that it introduces. And every new feature has a loophole we can take advantage of.

    Here are 10 hacks that can save you a lot of time in your messaging world.


    Apart from the options of disabling your 'Read' receipts and hiding your last seen from your contact, there is another way you can read your messages without letting them know you have already read it. To do this, all you need is to assign a 4x4 widget to your home screen and scroll through all your messages without opening the app.


    Sending files via the messaging app is gets difficult if it is beyond 16 MB. But if you're desperate to send an important file, this is your lucky step. Using the app WhatsTools, you can send files to many of your contacts easily.


    Setting up your reminders and also saving bookmarks to links that you want to visit later on can be done via calendars app and through the browser. But if spend hours on end in WhatsApp, you can set up everything right within the app.
    To do this, create a group with a contact. Once created, remove the contact and you have a group all to yourself. Rename the group to "Reminders" and post all your links and reminders right here.


    ranking your friends is so much fun, that the same can be done through WhatsApp too. You can change the preview images of any image file you send to later make your friend realize that he actually downloaded something else altogether.
    Using Image Preview Changer, you can set the desired preview image and also the actual image you want to send.


    Many Facebook apps can tell you who your valentine will be, when you'll die and how. But we don't really believe those. WhatsApp can tell you whom you chat with the most. Browse through to the 'Settings' menu and navigate to 'Account'. Under 'Storage settings', you will see the contacts with whom you have exchanged messages.


    So your friends send a lot of images that have inspirational quotes. But you don't want it to be saved to your Gallery. WhatsApp has given users the freedom to decide whether to save these images by default or not. Android users can navigate to Settings---> Chats and disable the "Save incoming media"
    Windows users can follow the same method, but get the benefit of choosing which group to disable by navigating to the group of your choice and disabling it in 'Group info'.


    Some messages can really be important like getting contact details, a message from work that needed to be shared with someone else at a later time. Scrolling through the hundreds of messages would be a problem, hence, WhatsApp helps to 'Star' your messages. Accessing them in 'Starred messages' in Group info will give you access to all you favorite messages.


    Sending texts like you're typing in MS Word is the new magic in WhatsApp. But it involves a little more work than before.
    To send any word in Bold, you need to add asterisks to either side of the word. Example, *bold*
    To send in Italic, underscores need to be used. For example _italics_
    To send texts with strikethroughs, you need to use tildes. For example ~tildes~


    It takes time to search for your friend's chat among many other groups and conversations. But to simplify things, WhatsApp now enables you to place the contact directly on your home screen to quickly access your chat.


    This can be done by navigating to the WhatsApp folder on your SD card. Choose the image you want to use as your friends profile pic, navigate to "Profile Pictures" in the WhatsApp folder. Ensure that you save your desired image in 561x561 resolution. Search for your friend's original profile picture and rename the file that you downloaded. Replace the original picture with the one you downloaded. And voila!


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