15 Useful WhatsApp Features You Need to Know To Use it Like a Pro!


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform available today and it has the highest reach in comparison to the rest of the platforms. Slowly, WhatsApp has been introducing some great and useful features that will help users get a better experience from it.

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15 Useful WhatsApp Features You Need to Know To Use it Like a Pro!

Besides messaging, the app has also progressed into voice calls and there is a recent report that over 100 million users make calls on WhatsApp on a daily basis. The highlight is that WhatsApp rolls out each feature after thorough testing for data saving, performance, and efficiency.

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Here, we have put together almost 15 such features and tips and tricks that you can try with WhatsApp to use the messaging platform like a pro. Check out the same from below. We are sure that you will get to know that there are several tweaks and tricks that can be done with WhatsApp after going through the slider given below.

WhatsApp #1

Broadcasting the same message to many people simultaneously is possible with WhatsApp. You just have to click on the menu and select the option New broadcast. Then, you will get an option to send the same message to many people by including contacts in the list of recipients. You need to click the + sign on the right and choose the contacts from the list.

WhatsApp #2

If you are roaming or using a slow or expensive data package, you can choose this option to reduce the data consumption. This can be done choosing what you want the app to automatically download. You can choose it to download photo, video or audio selectively when you are roaming. Also, you can click on the option Low data usage to minimize the data consumption when you are on a WhatsApp call.

Mute chats as well as groups

WhatsApp #3

In case you are a part of a group that sends many messages or you have a friend who sends many unwanted messages, you can just mute the conversation be it a chat or a group to stop notifying you. However, when you open WhatsApp, you will be able to see the messages. This can be done by opening the conversation of the chat or group and choosing the mute option given in the menu.

WhatsApp #4

If you don't like to reveal that you are using WhatsApp, you can turn off your last seen option from popping up on the screen when they open the chat. You can also disable the read receipts (blue ticks) and choose not to display your profile photo. Keep in mind that if you disable these options, you cannot see the same from other contacts too.

WhatsApp #5

WhatsApp started letting its users to send and receive documents as well. With this service, you can send PDF, Word, and Excel files through the platform. Just attach the document to the chat and share with the intended recipients. It is rumored to include GIF file transfer soon.

WhatsApp #6

In case, you are chatting with some friends or important contacts constantly, you can reduce the time of opening the app and searching for the name to start a conversation by creating a shortcut of the same on your home screen. Just long press on the contact and choose the option Add chat shortcut from the menu that appears. You can add the contact directly to the home screen and chat from there.

WhatsApp #7

Sometimes, you might have some important messages that you need to save somewhere or you might want to check how a message appears before sending it out. In that case, you can send the same to yourself on WhatsApp before sharing it with others. Just create a WhatsApp group and add a friend and then delete the person from the group. Now, you will be the only person in the group and you can the messages to it. This is a great way of taking quick notes.

WhatsApp #8

This functionality is not working very fine, but you can transfer documents as well media from your phone to the PC vice versa. Just send the specific file or document to yourself by following the above trick. Then, save the same on your PC or desktop with the WhatsApp Web feature.

WhatsApp #9

Whenever you receive a message on WhatsApp, you can see the message appear in the notification bar even if the app is not open. If you have sensitive messages that you do not want others to read, you need to hide the same by heading on to the settings of your phone and disabling notifications for WhatsApp. This way, the messages will not appear on the notification bar.

WhatsApp #10

This is a recent feature that has been introduced by WhatsApp. You can just quote a specific message and reply accordingly. In case, you are in a big WhatsApp group or in a long conversation with a contact, you can refer to a specific message that you are replying by using quotes. Just long press on a message in the list and you will see the reply option popping up. An arrow icon will appear on the top left on Android for the same. Click on reply and the quotes message will appear as a box with your reply.

WhatsApp #11

There could be some unknown contacts who are constantly sending you spam messages with promotions and advertisements. You can just avoid such messages by marking the contacts as spam or blocking them contacts. Just tap on the menu options from the contact's chat window and choose the block contact option.

WhatsApp #12

Now, you can delete multiple messages easily from your chat list. WhatsApp lets you select multiple messages or chats in the chat and delete them in one click. Just long press on a chat or message and tap on the ones that you want to delete. Then, tap on the delete option that appears on top.

WhatsApp #13

With this option, you can highlight some important messages and save them as favorites. These are known as star messages. All you need to do is just long press on one such message in your chat and tap on the star icon. If you want to delete the chat, you can keep the starred messages and delete the others.

WhatsApp #14

You can now mark chats as unread to read them later. Sometimes, you might want to read the entire message from the contact or group and might not be able to do so due to shortage of time. In such cases, you can read it later by marking them as unread. Just long press on the chat and select as unread from the menu.

WhatsApp #15

If you receive a message on WhatsApp, the notification bar will display the message until you have turned it off). However, to reply back, earlier you had to open WhatsApp and then click on the message and reply. Now, you can simply pull down the notification bar and hit the reply option to instantly reply to that message directly from the notification bar.

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