5 Advantages of WhatsApp Video Calling That You Probably Don’t Know

WhatsApp finally receives the most requested video calling feature in India.

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WhatsApp has finally rolled out support for the video calling feature to its app. How it stacks up against the Facebook's own Messenger app, Apple's FaceTime, Google's Duo, Skype or Viber is a discussion for another day. But given the huge user base it has managed to garner over years of time, it should pose a tough competition to the other video calling services.

5 Advantages of WhatsApp Video Calling That You Probably Don’t Know

Anyway, coming back to the point, there are a few advantages of using WhatsApp video calls, especially for emerging markets like India. However, it's more likely that most people are unaware of those benefits.

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And that's exactly why we have come up with this list. Let's take a look at all such benefits WhatsApp video calling feature brings along with it.

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Video calls are end-to-end encrypted

Akin to the messages, video calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. What this essentially means is that no one, except you and the person you intend to call can get access to it. Not even WhatsApp will have access.

No more annoyance

Since WhatsApp video calls can be placed only to the ones in your address book/contact list, it is more of a private affair unlike others, where anonymous people can annoy you by sending call requests.

Optimised for slower networks

One of the biggest concerns in India is the low-bandwidth internet connectivity. To overcome this issue, WhatsApp has optimised the video calling for slower networks. Meaning you'll not have to worry about the slow internet speeds.

No need of other apps for video calls

There are already 160 million active users in India. Earlier, people used to share conversations with their friends on WhatsApp, now that you can place video calls within the app itself, there's no need of downloading other apps.

Works on both Android and iPhones seamlessly

Unlike FaceTime, WhatsApp video calling works seamlessly on Android and iOS smartphones regardless of what platform you are on.

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