5 Apps You Should Remove Right Now To Improve Smartphone Performance

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Many are worried as well as curious to find out why smartphone's battery keeps draining so fast. While, there are many reasons to drain your battery faster than your exception. One could be the apps you are using on the smartphone.

Android smartphones quickly become consumed by unnecessary apps that not only take up storage space, but can also affect smartphone's performance and battery life.

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Well, it's time to clean up your smartphone, by removing unwanted apps. Here are the five apps that you should remove immediately to improve your smartphone performance and battery life.

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App 1:

As we all know, Facebook app allows you to keep connected with your friends and acquaintances at all times. The constant connection consumes a lot of battery life and also slows down your smartphone performance. Instead, use Facebook in browser, this will require less resources.

App 2:

Almost everyone uses weather apps, as they provide a quick way to check weather condition to play your day. Weather apps update frequently in order to provide the most up-to-date information. These apps and widget are some of the most battery-draining apps you can find. Instead, use an "OK, Google" query to check the weather.

App 3:

Even if you do worry about imminent Android threats, modern smartphones uses a good way to keep your device safe. Android natively protects your device from malware attacks and also provides encryption of your phone. Instead, take care of what you download, and where you download it from.

App 4:

Cleaning apps promise to clean up your smartphone to boost performance by clearing cache data and junk files. Well, Deleted apps sometimes leave behind some cached data and it is not necessary download a dedicated clear apps. Instead, got o Settings >> Storage and tap Clear Cached Data.

You can also clear the cache of individual apps by going to Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded and tap app and select Clear Cache.


App 5:

There are many better and more secured alternatives for default browser. You can disable the default browser from device Setting. Download your favorite browser from Google Play Store.

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