5 Driving apps that could help you Drive better!

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Its not advisable to really use your Phone while you are driving. Still, there are driving apps that can help you with better driving. These apps could help you find your way, stay focused on the road or may be try other things that can help you with like booking a service for your car, or something else.

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Here are five apps that can help you when you are on the road either driving or heading somewhere.

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HERE Maps with Offline Navigation is just like your satnav or GPS. See your location and get accurate directions to your destination. Here maps provides accuracy while driving, walking, and public transit directions that work without an internet connection to keep you from being lost even if you lose your mobile network.While Here Maps claims of accuracy could be questionable just like Google maps. It still remains a good choice.Here Maps is jointly developed by the Audi - Daimler and BMW and used as a default navigation in these luxury vehicles.


Google Maps

Google Maps, the map service from Google still remains the most widely used app for Navigation both online and offline. When powered with Android - the app remains the best service when paired with Google's Android Phones and has gained popularity since then. The best part about Google Maps is that anybody can contribute to it. Google maps is used by everyone.


Ford Owners

Ford Sync Technology has been introduced in India. The feature however is available only with select cars. The Ford Owners app is powered by Ford Applink and by Sync technology. This allows users to answer phone calls, access your entertainment hands free and hear text messages and whenever you need emergency assistance. However, Ford recommends that you use the apps by complying with local traffic laws.


Honda Connect

Honda newly launched this app for Honda Car owners. Honda Connect's diverse features provide convenient access to important information about Honda vehicles and other services. The Connected Car features, enabled on the Honda Connect platform will give you meaningful information about your Honda car. You can locate your car, book a service for your car and even and also get reminder for periodic service alerts.


Traffline: Traffic & Parking

Traffline is a city travel app providing live road, traffic and car parking information for your city. Find real time traffic information, best routes & road alerts. Save fuel, time and effort by planning your journey in advance. Know the distance between any two places and time taken to reach your destination. Find all the free and paid car parking spots before you get there. Find all this information on maps too. Also get quick alerts and notifications on your route or easily report accidents, traffic jams etc. Get alerts directly from the Traffic police.


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