5 Hidden features in Uber that you must check out

    Uber is much more than just a cab service. The online ride-sharing portal is in the list of must have apps for smartphone users around the globe, even after experiencing some serious roadblocks in its journey.

    5 Hidden features in Uber that you must check out

    If you are a smartphone user, which most of us are these days, you must have used the app's services at least once in your life time.

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    However, there's a very little chance that you are aware of these app's features that we are going to talk about in the following points. Read to find out and use the app's full potential.

    Ride even if you don’t have Uber app

    Smartphone users are in India often face poor connectivity issues, especially in non-metros, when using an app to book a ride. The app might simply not respond and offer no results when you are in need of a cab.

    Uber has a solution for this problem. You can simply navigate to dial.uber.com on mobile phone browser and sign-up with your phone number. Check the prices after signing up and request for your ride with a single tap. Pay the drives in cash once the trip is completed.

    Split the fare

    With Uber, you can easily split the fare with your friends and save yourself from paying the full amount of the trip. During a trip, use the Split Fare feature to divide fare equally between two or more riders.

    If the ride request was made with your account, you can invite other riders to split the fare. Importantly, if anyone chooses not to accept, or doesn't have a valid payment method linked to their Uber account, the fare will be split between the riders who accept and have a valid payment method. But make sure you do this during an ongoing trip, as the split fare feature does not function once a trip is ended.

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    Request a ride for non-smartphone users

    You might face a situation where you want to book a cab for a family person or a friend who don't use a smartphone. What will you do in that scenario?

    Uber's ‘Request a Ride for Others' offers the functionality to book a cab across all cities in India on behalf of others. Simply request a cab and pay the driver from your Uber account or in cash at the end of the trip.

    Schedule a Ride with Uber

    This is one feature that makes Uber one of the best cab service around. What if you are not sure about cab's availability in your locality during odd hours? What if you want to schedule a pickup in advance to rest assured that you won't miss your 4am flight?

    With Uber's ‘Schedule a Ride' feature, you can simply schedule a ride from 30 minutes to 30 days in advance.

    This comes as a big relief for people who people in live in remote locality where cabs are not easily available.

    Carpool with Uber users to save money and environment

    UberCOMMUTE is a nifty product from Uber, which enables Uber users to help tackle congestion by getting more people into fewer cars. UberCOMMUTE drivers are basically Uber users and working professionals who are contributing to the environment by driving other app users going the same direction as them.

    Besides, it also proves to be light on pocket, where you have the chance to reach your destination without spending a penny.

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