5 Things to Know About Lenovo's Latest Wireless Roaming Service, Which is Just Awesome!

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Lenovo is known for its range of Laptops, Phones and Gadgets. Lenovo has recently launched. The Lenovo Connect is being Launched in China initially, will be available in other regions globally post roll out in China. The phone is initially available only in china on select phones.

The Lenovo Connect App and service will be available in 45 EMEA(Europe Middle East and Africa) regions shortly after being released in China. The Low cost Data plans from Lenovo is meant only for Lenovo Devices.

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Here are 5 things to know about the Lenovo Connect app that aims at providing low-cost global roaming:

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Using Lenovo Connect users can enjoy local pricing on Internet access when they travel to more than 50 countries around the world.


Lenovo Connect eliminates having to buy a separate SIM card and offers benefits such as low-priced global roaming and enhanced customer engagement by leveraging Lenovo's Big Data and cloud services.


Lenovo is bringing service via the Lenovo Connect app on select Lenovo smartphones and laptops currently only in China.In China, Lenovo's first products to feature Lenovo Connect will be the LeMeng X3 smartphone and MIIX 700 tablet.


In EMEA, Lenovo Connect users will be able to enjoy secure data connectivity at competitive rates. Lenovo Connect will be supported by customized data plans designed to support both domestic and international roaming use in more than 110 countries globally.


Lenovo has been building its MVNO capabilities as one of the world's largest MVNOs with 11 million users today. With more than 400 million cloud services users, Lenovo Connect expands upon Lenovo's smart connection strategy to integrate cloud services and communications channels with devices.

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