5 tips to secure your Facebook account

Facebook is one of the major social networks with millions of account in it.

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Facebook is one of the major social networks with millions of account in it. If you search on the Internet, it will show you various ways to hack the account.

5 tips to secure your Facebook account

A hacker can use several ways to get your account control from phishing, key logging, or as simplest resetting your password. However, it is important to keep one's Facebook profile very secured. Today, we are going to tell 5 ways of keeping your account safe and sound.

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Enable HTTPS

Instead of using HTTP use HTTPS, which is a way of securing your communication between the server and your computer. Moreover, there are browsers available that can highlight the secure URLs with the information about the certificate issuing authority.

In order to enable 'HTTPS', login to your Facebook account and go to "Account-> Account Settings". Now select Account Security and check the box beside Browse Facebook on a secure connection.

Two Step verification

Facebook introduced a two-step verification called Login Approvals, where it lets the user login to your Facebook account by using your password and an authentication code sent to your registered mobile number. With this service, you will be required to use the password and security code sent to your mobile device.

Create strong passwords

Always make a longer password that would help you to have a strong key, which results in taking more time to hack it. Also, avoid to including the username, pet name, birth date as your password. Moreover, change your password once every six months.

Check privacy settings

Click on the settings shortcut & select the privacy option. In this, you will see three options including Who can see my stuff? Who can contact me? Who can look me up? Make sure everything is in friends and not public.

Avoid Phishing

Always avoid spam links, as there are many attacks occurred including money scams using chats. Once you click the link, ti will redirect to the fake website with the use of malicious links that can steal your all personal information or even more damage your device. Also, never give your username & password to any website as well.

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