5 Ways to Control your Blood Sugar Level with your Smartphone

    Diabetes is one disease that has seen a remarkable rise in India. Every Indian house will at least have one person being severely hit by the disease. However, using our smartphone, we can easily control our blood sugar level.

    5 Ways to Control your Blood Sugar Level with your Smartphone

    Tired of visiting doctors to check on your blood sugar level? And also maintain a proper diet?

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    Here's how you can control your diabetes level by just downloading these apps on your phone. These apps can help you have a daily analysis of your blood sugar level, and in turn help you control it, and be a guide.

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    Diabetes Pal

    This is a standalone sugar level tracking app. Both Android and iOS phone users can use to track the patient's diet, medication and sugar levels.

    The user can enter data either manually or automatically, and can generate printable reports as well. It allows the users to create set goals to control their sugar level, track and achieve them. You can track your sugar level in real-time and receive automatic blood sugar reading

    The app can work both when the user is online or offline.

    Diabetes Connect

    The app guarantees the users to have their sugar levels under control at all times. Diabetes Connect allows the users to record their blood sugar related data in an efficient manner in just a few clicks.

    Both Android and iPhone users can maintain a sheet to track their meals, blood sugar level, and other medication among other related issues.

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    Fooducate app helps the diabetes patients to manage and maintain their diet plan, as having a healthy diet for a diabetic patient is integral.

    The app helps the user to determine their daily calorie count and maintain a proper nutrition and understanding of what food to intake.

    Both the iPhone and Android users using this app can determine which food is best for their health condition, as per their sugar level.


    This an app delivers all the diabetes related data to its user in real-time. Both iOS and Android users can create a logbook that includes notes, log carbs and statistics, and download the readings.

    Glucose Buddy

    The app is kind of a data storage application where diabetic patients can simply log and track their carbohydrate intake, blood glucose level, weight and blood pressure.

    Glucose Buddy, surely acts like a buddy and reminds the user to test their blood sugar level often.

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