5 YouTube Hacks To Unleash Its Full Potential

By Gizbot Bureau

Following the rabbit down the hole and spending hours on YouTube is something a lot of us have done. While the platform has done a wonderful job of providing us with things that we need, there is a lot more that you can get out of YouTube if you know what to do.


5 YouTube Hacks To Unleash Its Full Potential

There is an arsenal of tricks and cheats that is result of the collective effort of third-party developers that you can use to get the most out of YouTube. Say goodbye to restrictions. While there are tweaks and sites that fix common annoyances, there are those that focus on making YouTube make it more fun. A few apps that enhance your YouTube experience have been listed below:

1) YTCutter (Web): Download a Specific Portion as Video, GIF, or Audio

YTCutter is a tool with a lot of functions. It understands that wouldn't always want to download an entire video. The tool allows you to download just a portion of the video. The web app has a smooth and user-friendly interface. Copy-paste the YouTube URL and allow the video to start playing. Click on Start where you want the video to be saved and end to choose the point where you want the trimming to stop. You can adjust the timestamps on the video. You will be able to preview the clip and know how many seconds the video is. You can download your clip as a audio file, a GIF or a MP4 file.

2) YouTube Caption (Web): Get Full Text of Closed Captions

Several YouTube videos come with closed captions uploaded by the uploader or auto-generated by YouTube. YouTube Caption allows you to download all the captions as readable text complete with built-in timestamps. All you have to do is copy-paste the YouTube link and click on the search icon.


3) YouTube Rabbit Hole (Chrome):

Disable Distractions for a Productive YouTube
YouTube is designed to make you spend more time on it, this is why you get links to other similar videos or stumble on comments about the videos that you're watching that rile you up.

YouTube Rabbit Hole attacks several of these distractions. It blanks out suggested content, hides comments and livestream chats, and disables the "You might also like" suggestion wall at the end of a video. It also removes banner-style ads. All you'll get is the video and the search box. You can still browse the channels that you've subscribed to.

4) SponsorBlock (Chrome, Firefox): Skip Sponsored Segments

Although YouTube Premium allows you to skip ads, it cannot do anything about instances inside the video where the creator gives direct messages from the sponsors.
SponsorBlock is crowd-sourced extension that allows you to skip the "this video is sponsored by"bits inside a video.

5) YouTube Decade (Web): Biggest Video of the Day, 10 Years Ago

This app allows you to browse through something other than the default home page of YouTube and instead allows you to look at some of the most popular videos that were uploaded ten years ago on YouTube. YouTube Decade adds eight new videos everyday. The categories include music, comedy, film and animation, entertainment, news and politics, sports, pets and animals, and gaming.

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