Six Android apps to edit your screenshots and images

Posted By: Sujay Hegde

Whether we recognize it or not, screenshots are vital to our conversations online. Built-in screenshot features weren’t a thing years ago. We had to use apps for that. Nowadays, we simply press a combination of buttons on our phones or use the Android option on the notification bar to take a screenshot. What lacks the most is the absence of options to edit the screenshot after we take it.

Six Android apps to edit your screenshots and images

Our built-in photo editors aren’t good enough to modify the image as per our idea, therefore, we’ve cataloged some excellent apps that are primed to be used for both screenshots as well as images.

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Screenshot utility

This app is so pure, it doesn't let you take a screenshot, it only edits it. By opening automatically as soon as you take one, it makes for an easy time modifying your image. It has excellent markup features, with options like drawing, inserting text, cropping, and other effects.

Screen Master

A popular editing tool that also allows you to take screenshots via shortcuts. It provides a great platform to annotate your images and simplifies the whole experience of grabbing screenshots. You can tap to take one or just shake the phone. This allows for editing old pictures as well, and one can add graphics such as arrows or circles to highlight or amplify the image.

Screenshot snap free

This app works as fine as the ones mentioned above, however, editing on this app doesn't make for a fun experience since the user interface is a little unsettling. It doesn't boast of anything new and works well enough, but the weird UI is hard to ignore.

Snap Markup

A simple app that lets you add the basic annotations - shapes, doodles, cropping. If you wish to add text, you can't expect to type it out since Snap Markup only lets you draw. So you'll need to draw your text if you want it embossed on the image.

Photo Ink

This app lets you ink your photos, as its name suggests. The editing features are all boiled down into a single one - drawing. You want shapes, you have to draw them using a pencil. You can resize the pencil, change its type and colour. The app's unique feature stems from its ability to apply the same changes to other images. If you want to use the same pattern, design, or markup on multiple images, you don't have to do it repeatedly.

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This app isn't limited to screenshots only, and you've probably heard of it. It's a complete photo editor with remarkable tools. One can add text and shapes, doodle and draw, create GIFs, and so much more. PicsArt is a powerful photo editor that you can use every day for your pictures as well as screenshots.

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