6 Handy Features of Google Maps That You Should Know About

By Nilakshi Pathak

    Google Maps is one of the most necessary apps for everyone. Used by millions of users, it has made our everyday life simple. We all know that the primary function of Google Maps is to give details about a place, give us the best route and also to provide us the information of the traffic conditions on the road.

    6 Handy Features of Google Maps That You Should Know About


    But over the years, the app has been updated multiple numbers of times and here are the six handy features of Google Maps that you might find useful.

    Share your location status

    Google Maps give you the option of sharing your location with a third person. You can also mutually share your location. This feature helps you in knowing the exact location of the person that you are concerned about or are going to meet. Earlier, the location sharing feature was available on Hangouts. However, later Google took the right decision to introduce this feature in Google Maps also. You can share your real-time location here.

    Many useful gestures

    Each of us has used common gestures like pinching to zoom in/out in Google Maps. However, the app is filled with many such gestures. You can use two fingers to change the angle and rotate the topography for a proper view. These features can be used for fun and to get extra information about the place.

    Know where your car is parked

    With the increased number of vehicles, finding a parking location is a Herculean task! But you can say goodbye to this problem, thanks to Google Maps. Google Maps gives you the power to mark your parking location. Sometimes, it is difficult to know the exact location of your car parking. By marking the car parking location, you can quickly reach your car.

    Offline Maps

    When traveling abroad or in a remote place, we often face network connectivity issues. Imagine the horror if you are lost in such a place and cannot find your destination or path route. Sounds dreading, right? Thankfully, you can search for offline maps. You can save the map to a location offline, download the information required and use the map when facing internet problem.

    Extra Features

    Just select your destination and Google will show you the route to reach the place quickly. This is the most basic service of Google Maps, and it provides much more than that. You can add stops on the route and Google Map will change the directions according to it. You can share your destination direction with your friends and can also save these directions!

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    Explore nearby areas

    Explore nearby areas

    Tap on the Explore button placed at the bottom of Google Maps. When you are visiting area, and you use the Explore feature, you will be shown all the hot spots in the area where you can eat, drink and chill. Apart from that, it also shows basic places like ATMs, gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies.

    Wrap Up

    Use these features of Google Maps to make your journey more fun and memorable!

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