7 Awesome Photo Editing Apps For Android

Thinking of removing blemishes from your photo, these Android apps might help.

By Shiv Tiwari

    Smartphones these days have become a handy tool for taking quality images and preserving the best of memories. Long gone are the days when photography was a tool in the hands of a few well-practiced photographers. These days, sophisticated phones with various types of handy lens come at ease to bring out the best of photography completely hassle-free.

    7 Awesome Photo Editing Apps For Android


    Photography these days is not just about the right amount of light and image stability. The dimensions of photography have changed and there are numerous other considerations to be taken into account while editing an image. Thanks to Play Store, there are numerous apps available on its dashboard available to users to develop and edit an image to the best available quality.

    Image editing apps are now easily available but the market is flooded with such apps and that makes users confused at times. The choice of these Android apps is a tedious process and so we are here presenting 7 best image editing apps along with their functions on Play Store.

    Fabby- To Deliver Blur effect:

    Fabby is a beautifully designed app with a simple user interface to deliver users, the right amount of blur or Bokeh effect. The portrait mode is a latest trend among smartphone users these days. Right amount of blur effect is however not easily available to users. Fabby does the job by a simple click. It fades the background in a haze and develops a high sharpness in the image at the same time not affecting the original quality.

    All you need to do is select and image from your galley and choose the modes available. There are three modes available- min, medium and max. Once the mode is chosen, the image develops stunning Bokeh effect and has a ready to share options for social media platforms.

    Bluristic- Deliver motion look in still shots

    If you want to shoot a still object in motion, this is perhaps the perfect app for you. Bluristic simply blurs your background to show the still object in motion. All you need to do is to choose the picture form your gallery, tap the image you want to be in focus and slowly move your phone in both directions. The app will haze the sides' while protruding the blur and your object will seem to be in motion. The app is priced at Rs. 180 on Play Store.

    PhotoDirector- Remove unwanted objects from background

    This simple app delivers you the classic need of the hour. It removes all unwanted objects from your picture. Just choose the objects to remove from you photo carefully and in just a click, the work is accomplished. This works best if you are clicking pictures of some intricate details and wires, road signs or buildings tend to distort your image. The app is also intelligent enough to replace the background with similar looking scene.

    Toolwiz Photos- Enhance the beauty of images

    Almost all phones these days come with a beauty mode. However, the problem of these modes is that they overdo the desired effect and even have a limited number of features to experiment with. Toolwiz Photos has a built in beauty editor with enhanced features life soft glow, face slimming and teeth whitening. The app also gives final touch to close ups and head shots along with smart soft focus and great image enhancement.

    PhotoDirector- Appropriate use of grayscale and color in images:

    This app combines grayscale with color in image use. It highlights the focus object with color while giving a black-and-white look to the rest of the background. It also offers users to choose the color of the original object and even shade it with varying depths.

    Touch Retouch- Remove boring backgrounds:

    The app comes to the rescue to remove unwanted background from beautifully clicked images. It has a lot of backgrounds to choose from and adjust them to photos accordingly.

    InFocus Vision 3 Pro first impression
    Aviary- For scenic images and portraits:

    Aviary- For scenic images and portraits:

    Aviary is a simple app that has all the tools to edit the image into portrait mode with much color enhancements and image stability. The app has simple features that can convert any photo into magnificent scenery with easy use interface.

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