8 Google Chrome extensions everyone needs to use

Want to try Google Chrome extensions? Here are our top picks.

    For those who are unaware, extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They allow users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. Built on web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, a single extension can include multiple components and a range of functionality. Extensions can range from a simple icon such as the Google Mail Checker extension, to overriding an entire page.

    8 Google Chrome extensions everyone needs to use


    The best thing about extensions is that they do not depend on content from the web, unlike ordinary web apps. Users can download the extensions through the Chrome Web Store. Now that you have a basic idea of what extensions are, you might be curios to try them out.

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    Currently there are thousands of extensions available and you might get confused with too many options out there. To help you with that, we have listed top 8 Google Chrome extensions that you would probably want to use.'

    Gmail Offline

    Gmail Offline beta is a Gmail app built to support offline access. This means, with this you will be able to read, respond to, search and archive mails without any network access. To begin with Offline Gmail after installing, you just need to open a new tab in Chrome. In the new tab pane you will see a Gmail Offline Icon. Click on the icon, and Offline Gmail will load.

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    Adblock Plus

    Adblock Plus

    Adblock Plus is one of the most widely used ad blockers. It blocks all those annoying ads, including animated ads, autoplay-sound ads, overlay ads, pop-ups, expanding ads etc. Additionally, Adblock Plus also comes with anti-malware and anti-social tracking features to help you protect your privacy online.

    Google Drive

    As most of you already know, with Google Drive, you can access your files, even the big ones, from wherever you are. You can also share them and edit them together in real time.

    Magic Actions for YouTube

    Magic Actions for YouTube is a lightweight extension which provides users with a more comfortable YouTube viewing experience. It comes with a bunch of features like instant control over volume by scrolling mouse wheel, Day/Night toggle switch to browse YouTube in black or white etc.

    Auto History Wipe

    Some things should always remain private, and our browsing history is one of them. Auto History Wipe automatically deletes the browsing history every time Chrome starts. However, it is important to note that if you sign in to Chrome and have your history synced automatically by Google, this extension may not work.


    No one wants to get caught at work while browsing through Facebook or any other social media sites. With PanicButton, you will be easily hide all of your tabs at once just by clicking on a button. And to restore all the tabs you have hidden earlier, you just need click on the PanicButton once more.

    In case you don't want to restore your tabs you will have to delete the "temporary Panic" folder in Chrome's "Other bookmarks"-folder.


    Quick Scroll

    Suppose you are reading a really long article and you want to read the conclusion part. Or you are looking for a particular comment in the comments section under the article. As the name suggests, Quick Scroll will let you quickly scroll to quickly scroll to top/bottom or comment box on the current website.

    Pixlr Editor

    Pixlr Editor is the one of the most popular online photo editors. It is free and you don't need to create an account to use this. It offers various tools like layers, lasso tool, brush controls, cloning, and filters. Tools include red-eye reduction, a spot healing tool, drawing tools, clone tools, sharpen, blur, and many more.

    Dr. Web Anti-Virus Link Checker

    Dr. Web Link Checker is a free extension for Google Chrome which can instantly scan webpages and files downloaded from the internet. It can also block websites' attempts to monitor user activity and display advertisements.

    Google Maps API Checker

    With Google Maps API Checker, you will be able to determine if your website is properly implementing Google's licensed maps APIs. Designed for partners and developers, the Maps API checker shows information about common watchpoints and pitfalls while deploying Google Maps APIs.

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