Apps to free up storage on your phone

We will look at apps that can quickly free up storage on your phone.

    A study reveals that over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded per year. While these numbers may be astounding, you can definitely say that mobile development is one of the innovative and actively growing sectors.

    That being said, mobile technology trends are definitely something to be aware of. And as smartphones make up one part, mobile applications are at the center of everything more than ever. Mobile apps are becoming more prominent and as a result, developers are also looking to prioritize the user experience when designing mobile apps. Not only that the developers are also working on developing apps that provide better functionalities.

    Apps to free up storage on your phone

    While developers seem to be busy, at present there are a lot of apps which are already available for download and these apps have been optimized for various uses. There are apps for social networking, messaging, e-commerce, banking, gaming, and practically for everything that you can think of. Sometimes, it may even be confusing as to which app to download and install in your smartphone. But, on the other hand, the answer to your confusion is also quite simple. You download the app you need!

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    So basically in this article, we are going to talk about the apps that you need. More precisely, we will look at apps that can quickly free up storage on your phone.

    In that case, if you didn't know or you might have just been ignorant, there are actually some useful apps that make it faster and easier to clear up storage on your phone. Some help you find and delete unnecessary files while others make it easy to get rid of duplicate contacts or photos.
    Read on further to know more about the apps.


    CCleaner which is one of the popular Android apps offers a quick way to clean up junk files and get rid of unused apps and bloatware. The app is available for PC and Mac as well.

    Regarding its functionality, this app is serious about maximizing storage by deleting junk and at the same time it also improves performance and helps you take control of what your phone is doing.


    Clean Master

    Clean Master is one of the best apps to clean up an Android phone. The app helps you uninstall apps that you don't use and removes data to provide valuable space. In fact, the app can also clean out notifications.

    The app further helps smartphones to run faster, and even has an added benefit-it can even scan malware-infected files.


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    If you are looking for an app to delete unneeded photos without going through the trouble of organizing and categorizing everything then Flic is the right app for you.

    With this app, all you need to do is swipe through your photos to quickly delete all the images you don't need. Swiping left will delete a photo and swiping right will allow you to keep it. This app will help you clean camera roll and free up storage space on your phone in a fun way.


    Phone Clean

    This Windows or iOS app can delete app caches, app cookies, app temporary files, crash logs, download temporary files, iTunes Radio caches, user storage files, iOS invalid data, camera photo caches, filter photo caches, others' photos, photos you've put in the trash, artwork caches, and large or old media files.

    Well, that sums it all. This app is a great way to remove all kinds of junk from your iPhone.


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    Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

    As the name suggests, this app enables you to clean up the duplicate contacts that may be present in your address book. While this may not be a great way to free a lot of space, but if you're cleaning up your phone as a whole this app will make streamlining your address book very easy.


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