Banned On WhatsApp Unexpectedly? This Could Be The Reason


WhatsApp has gained huge popularity amongst the masses for its secure messaging platform that is based on end-to-end encryption. But, the Facebook-owned messaging service has also gained headlines for several wrong reasons. A recent security flaw was discovered that allowed anyone to suspend a WhatsApp account. Now, some users are reporting getting banned from WhatsApp unexpectedly without any prior warning. But, why is it happening? Read on to know the possible reasons:

Banned On WhatsApp Unexpectedly? This Could Be The Reason


Why Are Users Getting Banned On WhatsApp Unexpectedly?

WhatsApp generally doesn't impose a ban on any account if there isn't any breach of the policies or if an account is reported. In most cases, the company bans an account temporarily before banning it permanently.

And the primary reason for an account to get banned either temporarily or permanently is the usage of an unsupported WhatsApp version. There are several altered version of WhatsApp which allows some different set of customizations than the standard app.

WhatsApp doesn't recognize or support such an un-moderated version of the applications and considers them to be a breach or violation of its privacy and terms and conditions. Some of such apps are WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp.

In such scenarios, WhatsApp will issue a temporary ban on the accounts if the users don't move to the official version. The ban becomes permanent if the user intends on using the same altered version of WhatsApp despite the temporary ban.

Another major reason for WhatsApp to impose a ban is the sending of automated messages in bulk. WhatsApp didn't have any specific limit set for the number of times the same message can be sent across contacts. However, the company had introduced a limit for the same.

If still a user goes ahead and keeps sending automated bulk messages to different contacts, then WhatsApp bans the account. The recent WhatsApp flaw that lets any hackers suspend any account is another reason for a temporary ban of an account.


In some scenarios, users have also reported getting logged out of an account and once they try to log back in they get the message of a temporary ban. The possibilities of the aforementioned flaws and activities being the reason for such bans seems certain.

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