Best Android apps to try with your Fitbit

When it comes to the fitness tracking industry, Fitbit is the forerunner with some devices. Even though it doesn't a large portfolio of devices, it has many third party applications that interface very well with their trackers.

Best Android apps to try with your Fitbit

This means you can link your Fitbit to other apps, that includes running apps, calorie counters or step challenge games. Below is the few compatible app that you can install on your Fitbit tracker.


Strava usually works well with GPS devices, and it is best used for tracking and analyzing running/cycling. This app provides you a detailed map route of where you traveled and compares it with past runs. But to make the most out of it, you need to get the full feature by purchasing the premium version.

Map my run

This is the best app for running and its tracks and creates own routes. Another highlighted feature is the built-in routes, which are an aggregate of everyone else who is used the app and will allow you to choose a route that is in your general location.

My Fitness Pal

If you are looking out for calorie counting then, this is the one for you. This app allows you to map your meals for the day and create an overall calorie plan. Also, it has a huge food database with over 1 million different individual food items. This app syncs well with Fitbit and offers the data during day summary.

Find my Fitbit

If you have a tough time finding your device, then this app comes handy. This app can sync up to 10 different Fitbits and uses Bluetooth to locate any lost trackers.


Those who goes for a long and exhaustive ride, this app allows you to omit activity from your daily goal. In order to make it easier, it allows the user to log your driving activities with the tap of a button without having to manually input the details.

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