Bored of Instagram? Here are 5 alternatives you can try

Instagram’s popularity has steadily increased over the years, If you are bored of Instagram, then here are the five alternatives which you can switch for some fun.

    Instagram’s popularity has steadily increased over the years, it was not the only platform out there where photos were the central focus of attention but something about the interface and simplicity of the app clicked with the millions of its users and more people kept signing up for it over the years and a lot of users who were already there never had a reason to stop using it.

    Bored of Instagram? Here are 5 alternatives you can try


    But as mentioned before, Instagram is not the only platform around, there are plenty of apps with a plethora of appealing features to interest the users. From people who are looking for more filters or even someone who just wants a better audience, there is something out there for all.

    Five of the major alternatives available for Instagram has been listed below:


    Daylflash allows you discover pictures shared by others in a quick and easy way. One of the main draws of the app is the option to add full-screen images which makes it quite distinct when compared to Instagram. The profile you make can be linked to Instagram which brings much more visibility to your account. The app is only available for iOS.


    This app is geared towards photographers with entire collections by the user available as single folders, the option of downloading the entire folder and making it available offline is an interesting feature.

    The galleries are not restricted to people who have signed up for the app, you have the option of sharing a link to your collection to others via Twitter, Facebook, email or even SMS.

    Unfortunately, the free version of the app is only available for a trial period of 14 days.

    You will have to choose between four plans at the end of your trial period:

    a) Basic

    b) Power

    c) Portfolio

    d) Business


    EyeEm aims to inspire users by providing them with a Discovery screen which allows you to explore photos, interviews, tutorials and more. EyeEm provides a lot of tools to keep your creative juices flowing. EyeEm also has a feature which scans your images and finds the best one based on an aesthetic score which is based on their algorithm. This feature is called Picked by EyeEm Selects. This is also a safe process as this is done within the mobile device and has no connection with the servers.

    After selecting your picture, you will be able to apply filters or perform some basic editing. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


    500px is a platform for serious photographers with access to work from about 11 million photographers. The images you upload will receive a great amount of feedback and healthy criticism.

    The pictures that you view will be based on your personal taste and preferences. This community composed of photographers who take smartphone photography seriously is very contributive when it comes to the improvement of the users' skills and creativity.

    This app is available for Android and iOS as well.


    Oggl was created by the same guys who worked on Hipstamatic, the vintage camera app. Oggl's interface has a lot of features that are inspired by Instagram. And some of the best features which were the central reason for Hisptamatic's appeal has been recreated here.

    Oggl allows you to directly shoot pictures or import them from your photo gallery. After you have taken advantage of all the lenses and filters available, you can preview your work while editing it.

    The pictures you create are not limited to just Oggl, it can be shared on most of the prominent social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Foursquare.

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