Google Map tricks for bikers and cyclists

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Google Maps is one of the best apps we could ever ask for. Thanks to Google! Undoubtedly, it makes our life easier often by providing inputs about the traffic, shortest route, bus numbers and more. While searching for a route, it asks your mode of transport and accordingly, it re-routes you to your destination.

Google Map tricks for bikers and cyclists

If you happen to be a serious cyclist, you can make use of elevation levels, which is displayed on the Google Maps pulled out from geographical data. The so-called Elevation levels are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Once you are ready to travel, enter your current location on the Maps or give Google Maps permission to find out your location. Next, enter your destination and choose the bicycle route (Click "Cycle" icon) in the mode of transport.

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Now the Elevation data is displayed as a small graph on to the left of the map. Then click on the details to expand turn-by-turn route. Elevation information for each point on the route is also mentioned. It will also show you high spot places where you can walk rather than cycling.

The Elevation data will be helpful for you because they indicate the highest and lowest elevations and the total elevation changes across the route. While there are lots of bikers and bicycle apps available to find you best path, Google Maps is just one among them.

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