Google Maps can do these 5 Cool Things and you probably don’t know them yet!

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Google has introduced many a features to their Maps app over the time. In fact, the developers have Google have worked really hard to make it the most popular Maps apps around. Sundar Pichai, led team has introduced a number of features that will help aid commuters to navigate around the busy Indian cities.

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It's however worth noting that Maps isn't all about navigation, instead this now comes with a number of cool new features. Incidentally not many are aware of these new features. So without further ado, let's get started.

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Google now lets you download Maps offline. So you no longer need to worry about buggy network connections in the area where you are planning to travel today. This features lets you download Maps simply by tapping on the Download option. Thereafter you can scale the map of the location you plan to visit and then tap Download again. In this way you can download multiple copies of the maps including detailed ones too.


Recently Google introduced this new feature to India which helps commuters on busy Indian roads to find out the traffic conditions of the routes there are plying on. In fact, on navigating from one place to another in the city, Google now automatically directs you through the route that has the least traffic. The traffic patterns are shown in the form of red, green, yellow lines with red referring to a road with extremely high traffic density.


Google latest addition to their Navigation app is the ability to check locations of restaurants, cafes, petrol pumps etc. on the route you are travelling on. Say for example you are travelling from the Kolkata Airport to Eden Gardens, a tap on the search button on the right corner will now show you restaurants, cafes and pumps located on your route. This is a nifty feature especially if you are short on oil and plan to refill your car on the go.


Often than not you may land up standing in a que at one of your favourite restaurants. So in order to avoid such ques, you can now check the popular times of the place directly from the app. The features are also available on iOS and Windows platform (web).


Do often land up in trouble locating a bathroom in the station or in the mall? Then, don't worry as Google Maps is there to help. The search engine giants have tracked down many a popular indoor spaces of the large metro cities. Using these maps, you can now easily track down a bathroom using visual indicators.

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