Here are 11 ways Facebook Messenger can be part of our daily lives

By Sachin

    In our social world, there are two apps that define our daily activity. The same apps also change the way we interact with the world around us, and also our workspace. we are talking about WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. While the former definitely keeps us connected to our friends and family, it is the former that still has the potential to move ahead with better features.

    We a take a look at how Facebook Messenger will be a part of every aspect of our life.


    Facebook Messenger could end up being the one messenger app that runs on every smartphone. WhatsApp may be leading right now, but since it is owned by Facebook, there is no telling what will happen in the future. Like Microsoft merged its Windows Live Messenger into Skype, Facebook too might just integrate WhatsApp into its own messaging app.


    WhatsApp right now supports only voice calling. But with the number of new features that are soon to come are being beta tested by many developers. This new beta version is said to include video calling too. This may be just the beginning of more features that will be copied from Facebook Messenger.


    So once Facebook Messenger takes over your smartphone it won't be long before you start chatting with all your friends. Even talking about your secrets through the messaging app will lead to a repository of your 'darkest secrets'. Even Facebook may soon bring in a messaging feature that will self-destruct it once the message has been read.

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    Since the arrival of chatbots, many apps and services have been merged together right within the Facebook app. The app has made it possible for people to hail Uber cabs directly from the app.


    You plan to gift your friend a fresh bouquet of flowers. But can't seem to find the time to go and buy them. Facebook Messenger also has made this possible for many of its users to order a bouquet right from the app using 1-800 Flowers. If that was just a sneak peek at more services getting on board to sell their products, then the app will truly be the contact point between the service provider and customer.


    Facebook has joined hands with a number of banks to use chatbots for everyday banking processes. You can now check your bank balance right from the messaging app. Sending money to your friends can also be done through quick and safe authentication processes.


    Hike Messenger incorporated games into its own app as a lot of people spent a lot of time in the app. Facebook too followed the same procedure by introducing games within its chat, although they are available only secretly. Users will have to send emojis or use a command to start the game.

    For instance, sending the basketball emoji and holding on it will help you enjoy time at the hoops. Or typing '@fbchess play' will begin the classic game with your friend. If Facebook launches more games help will challenge friends, it will take a lot of time from our daily lives.


    KLM Airlines has already joined Facebook in providing all their travelers with their tickets either mailed to them or you can have them message you the e-ticket through Messenger. Since Apple has made other developers save tickets and passes to Wallet, it won't be long before Facebook Messenger has its own virtual wallet app too.


    Sending pictures to your friends is already easy for users. But with many third-party cloud storages available, sending documents have now been added. Before long, Facebook for Work will introduce sending of files over secure servers to various teams across the organization, and the messaging app will be the sole interface of communication.

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    Our social networks are ever growing and with Facebook, there is always the possibility of finding that colleague or a client you met once during your business trips. Through Messenger, you can always find ways connecting with people who have met, but are not necessarily in your Friends list. You can now message from directly from the app by searching for the person.


    Skype was just a business tool in its beginning stages. But when Microsoft made the service available to even families, the service was accepted into the lives of many. Facebook for Work could change that too and make the Messenger as the perfect conferencing client for every businessman. Video and audio calls are already a part of its features, with additional support of sending files from third-party cloud servers as well.

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