Here are 5 New WhatsApp Features You Should Definitely Try!

WhatsApp has recently come up with several new features such as photo editing, changing font style, and video calling.

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp has updated the messaging app with very many new features in 2016. Take a look at what all new stuff you can do with WhatsApp.

Here are 5 New WhatsApp Features You Should Definitely Try!

Along with just chatting with friends and family, WhatsApp users can now edit photos, leave a comment like Facebook, tag friends in a group and more.

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Here are a few features that WhatsApp has come up with which the messaging giant is all set to make WhatsApp even more interesting and fun! Take a look.

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Make Video Calls on WhatsApp

Yes! The most talked about WhatsApp feature, the video calling is working now. With WhatsApp, the users can now not only make voice calls but also video calls as well.

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Need No Photo Editing App! Edit Photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users can now edit photos like that of Snapchat, and make the old boring images interesting. With WhatsApp, users can now add emojis, text icon, and use a paintbrush to make photos interesting and funny.

@Mention Feature Makes Conversation Much Interactive

When in a group chat, its often very difficult to identify who's saying what, and referring whom.

However, the @mention feature on WhatsApp makes it easy for individuals to read the chat important for them, and frees them from reading the long chat history.


Quote Messages for Clear Replies

To quote a previous message sent by someone in a group, all that the user is required to do is long-press that message and there will appear a "Reply" arrow button on top. Click on the icon, type your reply, and send it.

Make Messages Bold, Italics, and Also Strikethrough the Unwanted Chats

Get rid of sending boring WhatsApp messages now. Make the text bold, italics and strike the chats when not needed with WhatsApp.

To make a message appear bold, add an asterisk (*) before and after the message, for italics add an underscore (_) before and after the message, and to strike off the text by just adding a tilde (~) before and after the message.

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