How To Know If Someone Blocked Or Unfollowed You On Instagram


Instagram is currently one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. The app has gained lots of popularity and has also introduced several new features over time. Moreover, the three words - follow, unfollow, and block are very common on social media platforms.



Sometimes you may not find one particular contact while texting or maybe he/she liked or commented on your post but you can't see it now. This means that person has indeed blocked you which we may not understand. In this article, we will tell you how to find out if someone has blocked or unfollowed you on Instagram.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Blocking someone you don't like is a common thing. Also, you don't like or want to see their post, you can simply unfollow them. But sometimes you may be blocked by someone unknowingly. To know who has blocked you, let's dive into details.

Step 1: When someone blocks you, you can't find their account by going to the search bar and searching.

Step 2: If you think someone has blocked you, you can check it by texting them as you won't be able to send any messages to the blocked account.

Step 3: Their likes and comments from all your posts will disappear.

Step 4: You can search their account using another account and if the account appears that means you have been blocked.

Step 5: If someone's account is public then if she/he blocks you, at that time, you may be able to access their account; however, you cannot see any post, profile image in their account. It will only show you ''No Posts Yet''.

How Do You Know If Someone Deleted Or Deactivated Their Account?

How Do You Know If Someone Deleted Or Deactivated Their Account?

Many times, many people deactivate or delete their account but we think they've blocked us. So, here's the process to know who has deleted or deactivated their account.

Step 1: If someone has deleted their account, you cannot find them by searching their name.

Step 2: If you will visit their account via URL link, it will show an error.

Apart from this, there are several third-party apps that help you to know who has blocked or unfollowed you. However, Instagram has no direct process to know who has unfollowed you but you can check it via few simple steps in the app.


Step 1: Go to your followers section and search for the name of the person you think might unfollow you. Then if they have unfollowed, you cannot see their account.

Step 2: If someone has unfollowed you, he/she won't be visible in your story view section.

Additionally, the third-party apps include Followers Analytics For Instagram, Reports For Followers, and so on that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. These above-mentioned apps will help you to know who has blocked you or unfollowed you. Do note that, after installing the third-party apps, you need to provide your Instagram account logging details which might be risky.

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