Install these 8 amazing Chrome extensions to relax and find peace

By Sachin

    Going back to the scene in Interstellar, we see the astronauts listening to the sounds back home. A lot of rain, thunder comfort the astronauts as they miss home.

    You can calm yourself too with the most amazing extensions for Google Chrome that replicates the outer environments anywhere you want.


    This Chrome extension helps you choose the environment sounds you want while you're at your desk or home. Sounds from the forest, or even the city are available for you to reminisce about.


    This extension works like a theme. You can select from the environments available and get immersed in the sights and sounds. The images keep changing, and this could be helpful to hose who just want to relax at the end of the day.


    This maybe the most simple app and extension you can use for quick relaxation. You can select from a variety of moods to suit your needs and fall back on your couch to relax. A session of yoga will also help with the Zen mode.

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    Similar to Click & Relax, this Chrome extension too has its own curated versions of sounds and changing wallpapers that complement your mood. Go ahead and try it here!


    The previous Chrome extensions allowed the users to select the sounds they wanted. Here we give you the freedom to create sound samples that you feel will relax you. With Pulsate, you have full freedom to customize the sounds you want. Try it here!


    Where Pulsate helps you create the sounds in your own creative way, ZenCast brings customization to create the environment you want to spend time in, also deciding the creatures that will accompany.

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    The app may sound weird, but white is not the only color you deal with here. In this extension, you get to experience different sounds correlating to a specific color. Try it now!


    If you lead a hectic life and want to someone to remind you to relax for a few minutes, Breathe is the app you need on your browser. The app notifies after a set period of time to relax and take deep breathes, to relieve the stress in your life.

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