Ladies Only: 10 Apps You Should be using to manage personal, professional life on your phone!

    A woman smartphone user can make a lot more of her smartphone by choosing the right apps for her. The good thing about smartphones these days is that they can be a perfect companion to help us deal with our daily women-problems with quite an ease, and let the private life be private. All you have to do is to keep the apt apps for you on your phone to make your life simpler and easy. After all, working or non-working, all women have to deal with a lot of day to day tasks that are hard to be skipped or ignored.

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    Now days, there is an app for just about everything, to help you make the best of your time without spending much energy. However, it becomes really difficult to figure out the best apps through them all thousands of apps on your phone's app store. After all you don't want your phone to be bloated with junk. Today we give you 10 apps that can make all working (at home, or outside) women's live much easier than ever.

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    From never forgetting to take the pill on time to managing stuff to take out time for yourself as well, here are the best apps no woman should miss.

    Safety app:

    Most women are concerned about their safety while traveling via public or hired transport, considering the rising cases of terrifying experiences face by women travelers. Hence, a safety app is undoubtedly a must have for all women. RideSafe is quite a useful app that combines tracking abilities and location sharing feature in an easy to use interface. Launch the app, enter your travel destination, select contacts you want to share your trip details with, and go ahead with your ride. In case the driver deviates from the intended route of travel, your contacts will be notified of the same. It gives real time information about your trip, including the route you want to take and location details. We have been using RideSafe for quite a while and suggest this app to all women travelers.

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    Save your Notes and to-do list:

    It is hard to remember everything you plan to do or manage your daily expenses or keep track of your to-do list, and trust us women have to manage much more than that on every day basis! Worry not, and download Evernote app. It turns your smartphone into a notebook that can store information related to anything and everything that happens in your life. Be it a note, or an idea, or a list, Evernote notes everything for you.

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    Keep a track of your period cycle!

    You can't really avoid the one friend that visits you every month, whether you want them to not! Because it's good to keep a track of the visits of that friend for avoiding embarrassing situations and for health reasons, you should download the Period Tracker app. As its name suggests, this app can help you track your period cycle, by maintaining a log of dates, calculating the average length of the past three month's cycles, and predicting the visit date for next month. The app is very simple to use and is quite useful as well.

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    A friend to save your from unwanted surprises!

    Forgetting to take your pill at the right time can result in an unwanted surprise! And you surely don't want this to happen. Get the MyPill app on your phone to give yourself some peace of mind. The app is good for alerting you for the time to take your pill, so that you don't have to be bothered about the uncalled for!

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    Grocery shopping from home:

    Whether you are a working outside or managing home, grocery shopping is that one thing you certainly cannot avoid doing. We are sure that you can't agree more that bargaining from local street vendor or standing in long queues in a grocery store isn't just tiresome but is quite irritating as well. Hence, use BigBasket. The grocery shopping app is well tried and tested. From vegetables to staples to exotic edibles, this is one place that has everything. The best part is that all the stuff gets delivered right at your doorstep, saving quite a lot of time for you to enjoy your favourite teleseries or apply nail paint!

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    Entertainment, just a click away!

    Whether you are a movie buff or love watching theatre, you now don't have to wait for someone to book tickets for you or update you of events happening in your city. Use the BookMyShow app to know about any event or festival or about the latest movies and theatre shows in your city. Be updated, plan your outing, and make the best of your free time!

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    A social network on Fashion:

    Now there is a social network platform that helps you stay updated with the latest fashion and also allows you to share your fashion ideas with other women. Roposo is a great app to share your idea of beauty and fashion, discover new trends and follow creative people all at one platform. Why wait for one person to give you a view on how you look in that dress? Simply upload the look on the social platform and wait for comments from people you connect on the social network.

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    Recipe App:

    Bored of cooking the same old recipes? It is fun to experiment with food recipes at times, for you want to create something interesting or special for yourself or your loved ones. Use Yummly Recipes & Shopping List app to get new recipes and be ready to cook a great meal. The app is handy and gives you details of the ingredients and their nutritional value as well. So you can now try new recipes that are low on fat without compromising on taste!

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    Finding toilet when out!

    There are times when you just can't ignore nature's call for longer! At times like that when you have to rush to a toilet really important to release the waste that's bloating your gall bladder, and you can't find a place to do so, ToiletFinder app can be of use. This app is not exactly awesome, but it can help you find the nearest public toilet. We used the app and aren't very satisfied but it did help us some of the times when we ran out of options. Though, it suggested mostly restaurants instead of a public toilet facility.

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    Exercising and diet app:

    Don't you want to stay fit and eat healthy? The most challenging thing that most women face is to stay in shape and there is no denying to this! HealthifyMe is an app that lets you keep track of your food intake and also monitor your workout routines to help you stay fit and look good. The app can count calories for each of your meal, including the typical Indian ones like Samosa! You can also hire a professional nutritional to suggest you the best possible ways to achieve your target weight and train you for the same.

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