MUST TRY: 5 Awesome Snapchat Beauty Hacks

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Become your own director, creator, editor, stylist, and producer with Snapchat now, and make a Snapchat story worth a watch.

MUST TRY: 5 Awesome Snapchat Beauty Hacks

Snapchat is surely giving a tough competition to Instagram and is adding whole new features to its jukebox.

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As we all know that Snapchat a whole list of photo editing features, to beautify or make your photos look funny. It is one app that can let you click as well as try out very many options to make you own Snapchat story.

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Although people are already aware of the few Snapchat effects, we at GizBot has come up with 5 beauty hacks that you can try with your Snapchat app.

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Take Off Your Makeup

Open the Snapchat app and click on the camera icon with one hand, and try putting your favorite lipstick shade with another. Tap on the Snapchat's reverses option to take off your lipstick.

This technique can be tried out not only with lipstick but with any of your cosmetics.

Create a New Ester Bunny

With Snapchat using the animal lenses is a must, to make yourself look like a happy easter bunny.

To nail down the feature appropriately, all you need to do it brush up the eyebrows with the mascara primer option, add white shimmery shadow to make your eyebrows appear much bigger and dust the apples of your cheeks with a coral-colored blush to nail the look.

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Try the Hair Model Moment

Use Snapchat's slow motion snail function to become a star of a shampoo commercial. This feature infuses your hair with a added dose of bounce.

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Communicate With Your Eyes

A Snapchat lens allows the user to turn their eyes into a mouth and communicate with them, giving a completely different look to them. To do so, try out the glitter lips trend to get a creepy and enhancing look.

Turn Yourself Into a Disney's Chill Princess

All you need to do is color your eyebrows, forehead, lip, and cheeks with an eyeshadow pencil, then pat a pale blue powder on nose and underneath the eyes to get the best aesthetics. Next, cut a white paper into a faux snow, and sprinkle on your head.

Use the Snapchat reverse lens to get the best results.    

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