Ola Announces Location and Mapping Innovations: 3 Things You Should Know

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Ola, the home-grown online cab booking organisation has recently rolled out an updated version of its iOS app with Siri integration. As a result, you can directly book a cab without even opening the Ola app, you just have to say "Hey Siri, get me an Ola cab" on your iPhone.

Ola Announces Location and Mapping Innovations

Followed by the update, Ola, today announced Location and Mapping Innovations for improved customer experience along with three new features. Let's give them a look.

Ola Announces Location and Mapping Innovations

Ola Hotspots

Ola is identifying public places like malls, tech parks, housing colonies as 'Hotspots.' The company says that these hotspots have multiple entry and exit points and often users waste a lot of time in locating a cab.

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Its new Hotspot feature (in the app) will automatically suggest the nearest Hotspot available to the user (in his vicinity) and send the same location to the driver via a text message thereby reducing the amount of time wasted in locating a cab.

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Ola Announces Location and Mapping Innovations

Snap to historic pick-up

The company makes use of all of your previous rides history and automatically suggests you the pick-up points. It makes this happen by carefully observing your history of boarding points. It says "users can always choose to override the suggested pickup location" and select a pick-up point as required.

Share Directions

This feature allows the users to provide specific directions after booking a ride. While GPS and Navigation in Ola's cabs guide them to your pick-up point, at times it may be difficult for the drivers to easily understand the path. So, this feature allows you to provide specific directions (like provide landmarks) thereby making the drivers task a bit easier.

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