Over 40 Fake BHIM Apps Spotted on Google Play Store, Tips to Find the Original App

Follow these tips to avoid using fake BHIM app.

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In our earlier report, we had given a details insight on how the BHIM app works. To recall back, PM Narendra Modi had launched a United Payments Interface (UPI) based app namely, Bharat Interface of Money, better known as BHIM app. The Modi-government has made the app available on Google Play Store and works with the aim to facilitate people in a cash-crunch crisis, and easily make digital payments direct from their bank account.

Over 40 Fake BHIM Apps Spotted on Google Play Store

Soon after the Indian government had put a ban on the high denomination currency notes, the digital payment apps business surged up drastically. Adding on, the Modi-government did provide several helping hands by releasing several digital payments applications, easing online payment service quick and hassle-free, the latest one being the BHIM app. Since the application made its way to the Play Store, it gained heavy popularity with over 3 million downloads in just a days time and hit the top charts. With the growing demand, the Play Store soon started flooding with multiple similar fake version of the app. Well, there are not just 1 or 2, but 40 fake versions of BHIM app available on Google Play Sore at present.

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There are innumerable fake apps available on the Play Store, and we do download and use them. However, using a fake BHIM app can be way too risky for the users, as it includes money transferring and requires you to enter your card and personal details as well. Seems scary right? Well, we are here to save you from getting prey to such fake applications.

Over 40 Fake BHIM Apps Spotted on Google Play Store

Here's how to spot the original BHIM app by the Government of India:

#1 When you type BHIM app on Google Play Store, the original BHIM app tops the chart, followed by all the fake ones.

#2 The original BHIM app is offered by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

#3 The logo of the application is two simultaneous triangles, one with orange color, while the other in green.

#4 There is no text on the app logo

#5 The name of the original BHIM is just - BHIM

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These are the key pointers to spot the original BHIM app, among the bombarded fake ones. Looking thoroughly across all the fake BHIM apps, we had noticed that all the apps include different app names like *99# BHIM UPI Bank No Internet, BHIM payment update 2017, and innumerable more. However, as mentioned, the original app is named as - BHIM.

What baffles us is that the fake apps have garnered thousand of downloads, and the comments out there addresses that people have actually used these fake apps for money transfer and payments. Adding on, there are several complaints against the fake applications that it hasn't registered their mobile numbers, and charges hefty SMS charges and lot more. 

We at GizBot, suggest to follow the aforementioned tips rather than falling prey to the fake BHIM apps.

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