Popular Video Streaming Apps designed for Kids

5 Video Streaming Apps Designed for Kids

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As the growth is technology advancing too fast, the mobile and touch screen is not just for the adults, but for the kids as well. Kids these days, often learns fast on how to operate smartphones and other digital devices than adults do these days.

Popular Video Streaming Apps designed for Kids

However, most of the kids these days often watches their favorite cartoons in smartphones. Today, we have listed out 5 video streaming website specifically made for kids.

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Youtube Kids

Who doesn't love Youtube? Everybody does right? But the problem with kids accessing Youtube is that it has lots of adult content, which kids cannot afford to watch. In order to overcome this problem and to give kids a website, the company has created Youtube Kids channel.

The app interface is simple to use and has millions of videos just for kids to watch. It also comes with parental control settings for sound, searches, and an optional timer.


Soon after the channel, Nickelodeon has also started video streaming app, with lots and lots of content. In addition to the videos, the app has games, short animations. While they can't vote to elect a government at this stage, Nick gives them the voting rights inside the app for them to choose on polls.

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Disney Channel

We all grown up watching Disney channels, and it's our kids time to do so. Like other, Disney also has their own app, to watch or catch up on all their favorite Disney shows. Adding to that, you can also watch the previews of videos before they get aired on TV's. If the videos are not enough, you can also get your kids to play some interactive games too.

Play Kids

This one is a mix of everything that includes both education and entertainment. While it may not have a vast collection, it still has over 200 kid-friendly videos to watch - along with access to additional games and books with a PlayKids subscription.

Netflix Kids Account

If you have Netflix account, you can set up a Netflix Kids and use the built-in parental controls to limit to what your children can access. This allows them to access only the shows you've allowed them to watch.

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