Prisma Gets Updated With 6 New Features: Check Out!

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With the popularity of Prisma, other app developers are too busy in cloning Primsa with their creations. However, only a few are bringing about meaningful improvements to the concept that Prisma introduced.

Prisma Gets Updated With 6 New Features: Check Out!

While many replicas are cluttering the app stores with Prisma like features, the original app creators are in the process of rolling out updates to the app that will bring new features to the users.

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Most importantly, Prisma is working really faster now. The app has a slew of new features such as the ability to crop and rotate the photos, the ability to control the blend between the filtered version and original photos and more.

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While these are the recent additions that Prisma has received, we have come up with a list of new features that the updates have brought to the app. Take a look at the features from below.

Crop any image

With the latest version of the Prisma app on both iOS and Android platforms, you can crop any image. Before applying a specific filter, you can slide the image around to do a basic crop. You can also pinch to zoom into a specific portion of an image.

Rotate the image as you want

The updated Prisma app brings the support to rotate any image. With the app, you can turn the image by 90 degrees in any desired direction. All you need to do is just rotate an image by tapping on the arrows below the Crop photo option.

Control the effect of the filters

You now get the option to control the blend between the original and the filtered images. The new filter blending option brings the ability to control the blend level with ease.

Get the split effect

The Prisma update brings a new split effect as an Instagram post from Prisma Labs. However, this feature is yet to be made available to the Android users.

Save the filtered version with ease

Prisma added the save button to the app that is a much requested feature addition from the users. With this save button, the filtered version of the image will be saved directly to the gallery making the user experience better.

Performance boost is a notable addition

As mentioned above, the app has become snappier. It has received a good boost in the performance that makes it faster. Earlier, there were delays due to the congestion in the servers. The faster and more responsive Prisma app is definitely a welcome change.

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