Rahul Gandhi, Congress' Twitter Account Hacked: Tips To Stay Safe on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi and Congress' official Twitter account hacked, and took nearly a few hours to restore it back. Follow these tips to avoid being the next target.

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Twitter has been hitting headlines recently. Well, not for something good or a new feature that the social media platform had rolled out, but for a lot of hacking incidents that have been occurring around Twitter over the past few days.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress' Twitter Account Hacked: Tips To Stay Safe

It was absolutely shocking when Twitter suspended its own CEO, Jack Dorsey's official account, a few days back. After such an incident, do you think you and your personal information and activities are safe on Twitter?

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Soon after Dorsey's account was hacked, the cunning Twitter hackers did not spare the Congress head, Rahul Gandhi and also Congress' official Twitter account. Yes, these account have been hacked in a span of 24 hours, and the hacker had posted several abusive tweets via these two official accounts.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress' Twitter Account Hacked: Tips To Stay Safe

Well, if accounts of such renowned personalities are not safe, do you think you are safe on Twitter? Let's check out the rolls of tweets posted via these official accounts, and here's how to stay safe, and avoid such instances hitting you.

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Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Account Hacked

It was just last night that Twitter was flooded with posts related to Rahul Gandhi's twitter account being hacked, where the hackers had posted several awfully abusive and personal tweets, funny emojis, almost every second.

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Rahul Gandhi's Hackers Calls Him "Brainless 5 year old"

RaGa calls himself of having brains of a 5-year-old, as per the tweet after the account was hacked. Well, soon after the hacking, several people started to comment mockery comments against Rahul Gandhi and was taken as funny incidents.

However, the concern here is, is Twitter becoming unsafe and the platform for hacked every passing day?

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Official Congress Twitter Hacked

Soon after the news could fade, it's this morning that the office Indian National Congress' Twitter account has been hacked, and yet again there have been extremely nasty posts being tweeted via the official account.

However, after nearly 1 hour the official Congress account was retrieved back and all the posts abusing posts were deleted, whereas, Rahul Gandhi's official account took nearly 2 hours to restore it back.

Tips To Stay Safe on Twitter

Considering these numerous hacking incidents, Twitter has become the most unsafe social media platform for now. Well, to all the twitter users out there, here are a few tips to avoid falling into the hacker's trap.

#1 Keep the password strong
#2 Don't click on any malicious link
#3 Don't link it with other social media accounts
#4 Don't follow people you suspect of being hackers
#5 Report abuse is case of any suspicious activities

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