Set of things you can do with Google Play Music

5 Things you can do with Google Play Music

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A few weeks back, Google has launched its Play Music service in India with some amazing features. While not all the features have been rolled out, there are some, that are too good as it can get.

Set of things you can do with Google Play Music

The Google Play Music is seen as one of the perfect rivals for Spotify and Apple Music as well. In an attempt to capture the market, Google is trying out with lots of cool things with Play music service. Today, we have jotted down the list of things you can now try on Google Play.

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Sync multiple devices

Google is smart enough in a way to carry itself across multiple devices. You can have access to the same song in multiple devices and can access the album, which is synced in with your computer. You just need to drag the song and drop it the Add music window.

Watch YouTube

Google and Youtube are indeed closely connected with each other. In this app, you can watch a video of any songs you like. You just need to tap on the three dot menu of that song and select 'Watch video' option.

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Music recognition

One of the famous app for music recognition is none other than Shazaam. But now, Google Play Music also joins the list in recognizing the music. To find out the song, open the app and tap the search icon. Now tap on What's playing and it will recognize the song in less than a minute.

Stream quality

Do you have lots of mobile data? With this app, you can choose your streaming quality over the mobile network. While the default is normal, you can go all the way up to 'Always High'. If you don't want mobile data to be used, you can choose Wi-Fi option as well.

Feeling lucky

Just like Google search engine, Google Play Music also has 'I'm feeling lucky' option. When you click, it will play you a song based on your musical taste and history.

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