Snapchat Vs Instagram: Which one should you use

    One of the main aims of social network sites is to promote, share and distributes various types of data among others. While many such websites developed, very few got clicked among the masses. And a couple of mostly used social media platform is Instagram and Snapchat. Both of them serves the same purpose -- Sharing photos and videos.

    Snapchat Vs Instagram: Which one should you use

    Recently, Facebook-owned Instagram is copying features from Instagram but in a different way. Today, we are taking different aspects that are common in both the app and find out which is suitable for you.

    Getting reactions

    One of the main reason to post our pictures online is to get reactions from our friend's circle. In this regard, Instagram does is better than its counterpart.

    In Instagram, users are allowed to like and comment on the pictures and videos, while on the Snapchat, nobody else can see what your friends are saying. Here, the clear winner is Instagram

    Track down

    Snapchat is out of the league when it comes to tracking down old records of your friends. In case, if you are planning to stalk your crush or track down your friend's history, Sorry bud! Snapchat isn't meant for you. While on the other hand, you have the access to check out earlier post done by your friends, unless if the user accepts your following request.

    Posting stories

    When it comes to posting stories, Snapchat wins hands down without any doubt. Snapchat has more filters and ways to make your stories much funnier when compared to Instagram. However, it is easy to post on Instagram, the feeling you get on Snapchat doesn't match here.

    Live videos

    The latest trend nowadays is going live on videos. While most of the Social Media network has it, Snapchat, unfortunately, doesn't have it. So automatically Instagram wins, this one.


    Let's get a bit into numbers now. The majority of Snapchat users are millennials, and half of them are more than 25. Having said that, Instagram is the secondary priority, when it comes to young people.

    Features and filters

    Many of the features used to spruce up your Instagram Stories and Snaps are more or less the same. On both platforms, you can add text, stickers, filters, and drawings to add flare to your posts. In addition, Snapchat also has a ton of customization options when it comes to face-mapping and motion filters.

    Creating ads

    Both the platforms offer opportunity to run ads and target specific audiences. When it comes to advertising on Instagram Stories, brands can have immersive, full-screen ads that play between individual Stories. On the other hand, Snapchat has more options which give viewers more info if they swipe on it


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