These are the 6 must have apps for your Google Cardboard VR!

    Virtual Reality or VR is a latest and upcoming technology that already has a lot of big players like Facebook, HTC and Samsung interested in it. Each day is exciting in the field of VR, with substantial announcements happening around the world.

    While the big names-mentioned above-have the Oculus Rift, Vive and Gear VR respectively, these headsets are in the premium segment and cost a ton. Google, the world's second biggest corporation, last year launched an extremely cost-effective headset for accessing VR content.

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    Basically, trying to put VR into every house. Google Cardboard is that entity. Here are the top 6 games and apps that you must have on your smartphone to experience the world of virtual reality.


    Starting off with the basics, one of the finest apps for Google VR is YouTube. Since their addition of 360-degree videos last year, YouTube has become the hotspot for most of the video viewing on the Google Cardboard VR headset as well as the other premium ones.

    With the video-streaming website's latest VR app, you can experience the tours of famous places, check out livestreams of big events and even watch mini-series, all on a seemingly big screen.


    We can't get it wrong with this classic film and TV series. Star Wars: The Force Awakens released last year and along came the official Star Wars VR app. This app puts you in the role of a secret agent in the deserts of Jakku, based in the Stars Wars movie. Take out your iOS or Android smartphone and put on your Google Cardboard to experience this out of the world experience. All we can say is, May the Force be with you.


    This big update that came to Google Maps a few years back, is now available on Google VR. Street View is the feature wherein you can view 360-degree captures of the preferred city you wish to choose across the world. Provided, it's already on Google Maps. Well, it isn't 100% Virtual Reality but the 360-degree views with a wide angle gives you the same perception.


    This game is already a bestseller on Google Play Store and it is now available in VR. Proton Pulse a classic brick breaker arcade game that has a neon theme going on with it. It has some really cool space scenarios wherein you defend your land by fighting the aliens. The game has around 50 levels and the $1.99 definitely seems worth your money, if VR is your thing.


    If you like horror and spooky content, this app is one that needs to be experienced firsthand. Sisters is so creepy, addictive and peculiar that you'll be left wanting more. For an immersive experience, switch off the lights, put on the Google Cardboard and plug in your earphones. This app will take you for a ride, quite literally.


    A bit of Space Odyssey never did anyone harm. You can now check out our entire solar system with the Titans of Space app and prepare to get your mind blown. It has completely scaled planets, moons and what not. You can control the speed of the tour using a Bluetooth control pad or simply by looking/pointing and selecting menu buttons, and there's also an add-on that adds 50 minutes of narration but that comes at a premium.

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