Top 10 Scanner Apps For Android 2021: Everything From Adobe Scan To Fast Scanner


Smartphones are basically comprehensive gadgets that can handle any task for you. Be it for work or just personal use, smartphones can handle it all. Plus, there are several apps on Google Play that further handle all your tasks. For instance, if you're looking to scan a physical document on your phone, there are dedicated apps for this.


compiled a list

We've compiled a list of some of the top scanner apps for Android phones. Most of these apps are available for free, but you can always upgrade to premium for better experiences. For instance, we have apps like Adobe Scan, Google Drive Scanner - to name a few. Here are the top 10 scanner apps for Android.

Scanner Apps For Android: Adobe Scan

Scanner Apps For Android: Adobe Scan

Adobe is one of the premium software providers and even offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. Among the top scanner apps for Android, we have the Adobe Scan, which packs several handy features. Adobe Scan packs built-in OCR that lets you reuse scanned content. Plus, users can also scan multiple pages and put them in a single PDF file.

Scanner Apps For Android: Clear Scan

Next up, we have Clean Scan as one of the top scanner apps for Android. Clear Scan is highly recommended if you're looking to scan photos. The files can easily be saved as JPEG or JPG or even PDF. It also operates quite fast and doesn't take up much space on your Android phone, making this a handy app to use.

Scanner Apps For Android: Google Drive Scanner

One can even check out Google Drive Scanner. One of the best perks of this app is you don't need an additional app to download if you already have the Drive app. Plus, the Google suite of apps generally includes Drive for all Android phones.

Scanner Apps For Android: Photo Scan by Google

Scanner Apps For Android: Photo Scan by Google

Additionally, one can check out Photo Scan by Google. If you're looking to scan and save some photos, then the Photo Scan app by Google is something to check out. This packs automatic glare removal. This makes it one of the best scanner apps for Android to digitize your physical photos.

Scanner Apps For Android: Tiny Scanner

Another addition to the list of top scanners for Android includes Tiny Scanner. This also comes as a great option that's highly optimized to work fast - no matter the type of document you want to scan. One of the best features of Tiny Scanner is its ability to scan documents in color, B&W, and even greyscale.

Scanner Apps For Android: Fast Scanner

Scanner Apps For Android: Fast Scanner

Apart from these, one can even check out other apps like Fast Scanner. If you're looking for a scanner app that is highly optimized, the Fast Scanner is the option for you. One of its perks is its support for editing multiple pages at once.

Scanner Apps For Android: Office Lens

One of the worst things about an app is the number of apps that keep popping up. If you're looking for an ad-free scanner app, then the Microsoft Office Lens app is the right choice for you. The Office Lens app is designed for both business and school users, making it effective for all kinds of documents.

Scanner Apps For Android: VFlat Mobile Book Scanner

Scanner Apps For Android: VFlat Mobile Book Scanner

VFlat Mobile Book scanner is another choice if you're looking for a highly rated scanner app for Android. This app is quite handy if you're looking for an option to scan multiple pages at once. This app comes with an automatic shutter option for fast scanning.

Scanner Apps For Android: TurboScan

The list of best scanner apps for Android also includes TurboScan, which comes with fast and easy features for all age groups. This scanner app provides sharp scanned documents, making it easy for all to get their documents scanned and saved.

Scanner Apps For Android: Smart Doc Scanner

One can't miss the Smart Doc Scanner, which supports OCR and cloud storage. It also has a super smooth interface that lets you scan your documents as fast as your need. This list is just a small gist of some of the scanner apps available for Android. One can find several other apps available on Google Play that one can check out.

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