Top 5 Free Apps That’ll Help You Kill Time This Weekend

Sometimes weekends can be super boring. Fret not! We’ve got you covered. These 5 apps will hook you up so strong that you’ll barely have time to complain.

    Though weekends are meant for relaxation, for being the adventure seekers we are, plan for a weekend getaway (or some other activity) with our friends.

    Top 5 Free Apps That’ll Help You Kill Time This Weekend

    However, things start to fall out of place abruptly when one of our folks drops out of the plan for no reason. Things get even worse when you'll have to cancel the entire plan out of the blue.

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    As a result, you're meant to spend the weekend alone at home probably bored to death in no time. But, what if we tell you that you don't have to spend the weekend this way. Yes! You heard it right. Here are top 5 free apps, if installed on your smartphone, will hook you up so hard that you'll find it gruelling to stop whatever you're doing.

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    Explore a surreal world with Monument Valley

    If you've got a thing for solving puzzles, Monument Valley app is the one you should be looking at. The app is currently available for free on both Android and iOS app ecosystems.

    Just to give you a sneak peak of the game, as the name suggests, Monument Valley is all about defying all the rules of geometry. The minimalistic 3D design, imaginary architecture, cleverly hidden paths, and unravelling optical illusions will keep you hooked for a long time, probably until you finish the game in a single stretch.

    Immerse yourself in VR with Within VR (VRSE previously)

    From your favourite TV shows like Mr Robot to spooky documentaries like Catatonic, the Within VR app has got it all covered. Formerly known as VRSE, the Within VR app is one of the best apps for VR experience. We've already tried most of the documentaries in it and take our word, you'll not be disappointed. The experience is damn immersive. Also, don't forget to move your head in all directions while you're watching Catatonic.

    For you to immerse in VR, you'll need a VR headset (purchase a cheap one from Amazon).

    Learn a foreign language

    While some may label it as a boring affair, we feel that learning a new language can be very interesting. Learning a foreign language opens a new window thereby providing you with an opportunity to explore the unexplored part of yourself.

    If you've got a knack for learning new languages, Duolingo is a fantastic app, to begin with. In addition to support for a plethora of foreign languages, the app has a unique gamified way of presenting things which certainly make the whole learning process more interesting.

    Get lost in a fictional world — Torn

    Well, to give you a heads up, Torn is not exactly an app but a website. Torn is like any another role playing MMO game but quite immersive in nature. The game allows you to build a fictional world (a world which can be better than the actual world you currently live in) where you could earn money, get married, travel, or get lost in a fictional word.

    In simple terms, live life on your own rules but in a fictional world. And that's the very fact that urged us to include Torn in this list.

    Get a good night’s sleep

    In case you are not interested in any of the above apps or activities, do yourself a favour, and get a good night's sleep. Sometimes tacking a back seat and relaxing is all you need.

    Pzizz is one such app which'll help you get a good night's sleep by exposing you to various kinds of music thereby relaxing your mind and easing you into a restful deep sleep.

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