Top 5 hidden features in Twitter you should know about

Check out These 5 Feature in Twitter to Make Most Out of it

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Twitter is one of the social networks that has changed the way we consume the news. While the main soul of the site, which is 140 limit didn't change all these years, the company has added some other feature to enhance the user experience.

Top 5 hidden features in Twitter you should know about

Today, we have compiled a list of 5 hidden features you should know to make a most out of it.

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Night Mode

Last year after lots of speculations, Twitter launched 'Night Mode' for its app just to save your eyes from strain. Basically, this feature re-skins the mobile app into a darker background to make it easier to scan the feed during low light conditions.

In order to activate it, tap on your profile picture in the top left corner. Now turn on the toggle where it says 'Night Mode'.

Create List

Twitter has added this cool new feature, where you can list and organize all your followers. These lists are useful for managing and optimizing your Twitter experience. Also, it offers a way to bunch together other users on Twitter into groups so that you can get an overview of what they're up to.

To create this list, go to your profile page, and tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner. Select view lists option. In case, if you didn't have a list then tap on the round blue circle with '+' on the bottom right to create one.


Tag people on photos

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also allows you to tag up to 10 on a photo. You need to upload a photo to your tweet, and click on "Who's in this photo?" and tag up to 10 people.

It's worth mentioning here that the photo doesn't count against 140 characters. You can do this if you want to connect to the influencer during an event or function.

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Collage your picture

You can do a collage on Twitter as well! This feature is available on both mobile and desktop. To proceed with this, click on the compose button on the top right corner of your home screen.

Now click on ‘Add Photo' and upload/take the photo you want to include in the collage. Once the photo is uploaded, click on ‘Add more' option. If you are done with three photos tap on the tweet and you are done.


Retweet with comments

Now you can retweet your favorite tweet with your own opinion as well. To do this, select the retweet option and tap on 'Quote Tweet' option when prompted.

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